5 Super Cute Women’s Plus Size Unicorn Onesie Options

Women's Plus Size Unicorn Onesie

5 Super Cute Women’s Plus Size Unicorn Onesie Options

There is something so fun and magical about unicorns that appeals to the young and young at heart, alike.

Due to this, many brands are now creating unicorn-themed products for older demographics, including adults.

With more and more companies pushing the industry forward with size inclusion, there are more products available for those identified as plus size, as well.

Let’s take a look at five super cute women’s plus size unicorn onesie options!

How to Define Plus Size

Traditionally, plus size is identified as anything over a size 12 or Large.

That being said, a lot of brands do not adhere to this as a guideline, meaning a lot of clothing that could fall under this category does not due to measurement differences and design variations.

This means that may plus size people have to go off of the measurements of an item, not the labeling in order to get a proper fit. With this in mind, we have only selected options that include a size XL and offer measurements and reviews that indicate the pieces are plus-size friendly.

Your own body may vary from these measurements so be sure to double-check any product specifics before making your purchase. 

That being said, we believe these are some of the best options on Amazon. Let’s take a look at each and see which is right for you!

Our Picks

With an almost five star rating, this Spooktacular Creations Unisex option is a super fun onesie that is size-inclusive due to its stretchy nature and comfortable, loose fit.

Made of high-quality fleece material, this super cozy option is perfect for Halloween, cosplay, parties, and other events, or just for lounging around the house.

It also has an easy to put on and take off button closure that makes wardrobe changes simple. Plus the built-in pockets are a welcome addition for any event, as they allow you to easily stash your phone or other items and have use of your hands.

All in all, this is a solid choice if you want something comfortable, cute, and magical!

Made of an ultra-soft, breathable material, this PJSNEW premium unicorn onesie is great for those looking for an affordable but still high-quality option.

The fun pastel print accompanied by stars is adorable and super cheerful, making for the perfect unicorn motif.

Many customers also appreciate that there are several different prints of this onesie, including a fun, bright blue one and even a fish scale mermaid-themed one!

There are tons of different fun and interesting options in this line, all of which fit a wide range of body types comfortably and attractively.

This product is machine washable and has an easy to pull zipper for ease of use. The brand also fully backs their products, offering a full refund if you are in any way dissatisfied. 

Another option with tons of different colors, the iSZEYU unicorn onesie for women is a thick, fleece textured option that comes with an adorable horn and tail attachment.

Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, the brand cautions buyers to use the size chart provided in the item description to ensure a proper fit.

With fun, bright designs, and a super cute, oversized overall shape, this is a perfect item for any party, event, or just to lounge about the house in.

As a while, this is a very well made product with a zipper closure that suits a wide range of body types.

Plus, it is backed by a money-back guarantee, ensuring your money is not wasted on a product that does not fit properly. 

If you want something a little different than the typical unicorn onesie, this adorable ANBOTA option will definitely be more your taste.

Available in three different color schemes, you can grab this onesie in a dark, cosmic themed print called “galaxy unicorn”, a neon rainbow option called “seven-color neon unicorn”, and a bright glittered print called “gild unicorn”.

No matter which you pick, this super detailed and comfortable product is a sure winner with its thick cloth material design and an easy pull zipper.

Plus, it has side pockets for storing all of your things and ensuring maximum comfort while wearing this item. 

5. Riverchan Adult Unicorn Onesie

Similar to the iSZEYU unicorn onesie, you can get this option in a ton of different colors and themes, including one super adorable dark sky unicorn that features a less colorful but much more dramatic overall design thanks to a black base with stars for accents.

This is another super-soft, breathable piece that includes a zipper closure for easy access and exit to the piece.

This eye-catching option is available in a ton of different sizes to suit a wide range of body types and is machine washable for easy cleanup.

If you want something that really makes a statement, this line of adorable and whimsical onesies is certainly the way to go, whether you want the piece for going out or staying in. 

Comfortable Magic

No matter which you choose, these super comfortable onesies are a great option that will provide an entertaining and whimsical, yet still comfy and breathable unicorn outfit for your next get together, party, event, Halloween outing, cosplay, or other everyday activity.

Many even wear these as pajamas since they are incredibly comfortable and provide pockets, making moving about the house before bedtime easier and warmer since these products provide full-body coverage and act similarly to a thin throw blanket. 

There is no reason not to add a little extra everyday magic to your life.

Bring the unicorn fun with you by wearing these super cute pieces on your next road trip or another long outing to stay warm and cozy the whole trip through.

These onesies are so comfortable that they just might become your new favorite!

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