Where to Buy Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Accessories

rainbow unicorn ice cream

Where to Buy Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Accessories

Having a rainbow unicorn ice cream party is a super fun way to throw an easy to put together event that is incredibly fun for everyone involved.

That being said, finding unicorn decor to fit the specific theme can be a little tricky. 

Don’t worry, though, there are quite a few adorable options that will help you in your search for unicorn party supplies!

Let’s take a look at where to buy rainbow unicorn ice cream accessories for your next big unicorn bash! 

Our Top Pick of Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Accessories...

When serving ice cream to kids, you probably want to try and figure out the least messy option.

When sugar is involved, things can quickly get very sticky and messy, resulting in some serious spills and accidents that can be a real pain to clean up.

Having cups instead of cones is a great way to do this and offers the perfect venue for a little party theme customization!

These adorable ice cream sundae cups feature pastels and tons of glittery unicorns, creating a super fun motif that will fit any unicorn event.

Each pack comes with one hundred cups, making this perfect for large events, classroom parties, or just to have spares.

Plus, they are made of sturdy, BPA-free, food-grade paper 230 gsm with PE coated on the inside; disposable and biodegradable for easy cleanup after use!

Why struggle with scooping perfect cones when you can easily pop them into cups and let the kids decorate their own sundaes and happily snack?

Balloon arches are a very hot party trend right now for those going for a larger than life, super special birthday event.

This adorable kit is amazing for any magical unicorn party, including a fun rainbow ice cream unicorn party; in fact, the brand even notes it in the listing as a perfect fit!

This set comes with 130 individual latex balloons with differing sizes of each color including pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel blue, pastel purple, golden metallic.

It also includes the decorating strip to put everything together, which is metallic silver.

If you want a full, grand arch, you need to potentially purchase two or three of these kits, according to the brand, but many people who have used the other similar kits make arches with just one.

When paired with cute unicorn ice cream cardboard cutouts or a big name banner, this is the perfect photo area for your little one’s big day! 

What better way to add some extra fun and give the option for the kiddos to customize their ice cream party treats than with a big bowl of rainbow unicorn sprinkles?

In a mix of large and small sprinkle pieces, this kit includes tons of unique shapes and colors, creating a truly special rainbow unicorn experience that little ones and grownups alike will adore.

The fun sprinkles are perfect for topping ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, or any other sweets your little one may want at their event and will look adorable on the table along with the sweet treats!

If you want something interesting, fun, and unique, this premium quality sprinkle mix is definitely worth checking out! 

Another excellent photo opportunity, this super cute summer unicorn ice cream birthday photo backdrop will be the perfect focal point for any party.

The bright, fun colors are interesting and will look amazing in party group shots or just photos of the birthday girl.

You can easily make this into an extra-special area, too, by adding in a balloon arch or balloon garland to give dimension to the overall piece.

Additionally, it is easy to turn this into an event by adding a bunch of fun photo props like pretend unicorn horns and feather boas and letting the kids have a photoshoot with a polaroid or an adult with a real camera.

If you want something to tie everything together and really wow the guests, this banner is a great option that is super fun, bright, and bold.

If you want something a little more pastel for the birthday party photo backdrop that still perfectly embodies the rainbow unicorn ice cream theme, this adorable Mocsicka Ice Cream Birthday Party Backdrop is a fantastic option.

Featuring a smiling ice cream unicorn and a sweet pastel floral border along with a “Happy Birthday” text box, this is the perfect design for any unicorn ice cream party.

This is also a larger backdrop, measuring in at seven feet by five feet in dimension.

This means it is suitable for larger group shots and can hold more additional decorations.

Things like cardboard cutouts of ice cream or even balloon banners and arches would suit this perfectly.

You can also make a photo booth, as mentioned before, or just put it up as a backdrop where presents will be opened or cake is eaten to create a good setting for candid photos.

The options for this versatile piece are as endless as your imagination! 

Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Magic

An ice cream rainbow unicorn party is an absolutely adorable theme that is perfect for summer birthdays or for year-round events for kiddos who love sweet frozen treats.

The fun colors make decorating easy and offer a lot of variation and room for customization.

Plus, you can easily create interactive spaces like photo booths or ice cream decoration areas that will enrich the party and give the kids something to do.

Despite there being limited products to create this niche party theme, you have tons of room for creativity and can make something truly special quite easily with a bit of improvisation and ingenuity.

Your child’s big day can be fully customized to suit their preferences, from the sprinkles to the party decor, making this one of the most fun, unique, and memorable unicorn party themes of them all. 

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