The Best Unicorn Walk Along Toy Options

Unicorn Walk Along Toy

As one of the most classic toys ever, the walk along toy offers a child the ability to safely “walk” a toy pet. 

Originally designed as a dog, this toy is still wildly popular today because for a little one, the concept of walking and holding onto a leash while the toy “walks” behind you is just so incredibly fun. 

Now, though, there are more unique designs than ever before, including some that include magical and mythical creatures. 

Let’s explore some of the best unicorn walk along toy options to see which is the perfect fit for your little one’s magical playtime fun.

Why Are Walk Along Toys So Popular?

As a toy that almost every baby owns in some form, walk along toys are an option that started as a simple dog with wheels on a string and quickly became a huge success with tons of variation. 

Initially designed to just simulate walking a dog, these toys have been adapted to be tools for growth and development not just for babies, but older kids, too.

Babies benefit from walking. They have to practice walking often in order to build up the leg muscle and upper body strength that is needed to hold them upright as they take steps. 

These toys encourage children to run and multitask, helping push them closer to developmental milestones and encourage the development of body strength.

The unicorn walk along toy options for older kids often have additional functions like pooping or eating, making them great for teaching responsibility and helping kids learn to care for animals. 

These are great social toys, too, since playdates can be had involving the toys and the kid can develop a real sense of self-worth from taking care of their little toy animal friend.

Needless to say, this makes these quite the popular option. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best unicorn walk along toy products and see which is right for your little one!

Unicorn Toys

The Best Unicorn Walk Along Toy Options

Walk along toys are super fun and offer a lot of developmental and social stimulation. 

Due to this, we factored in reviews, quality, price, and more when choosing which unicorn walk along toy options we wanted to present here. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of our picks to see which one best fits your child’s interests!

This battery operated electric unicorn pet from Pink Stars is a super fun option that is perfect for younger and older unicorn lovers, alike. 

With a plush remote attachment, the child can control the unicorn’s gait, allowing it to keep up with them easily as they run and play. 

Overall this is a super cute option with glittery hooves and a soft mane to snuggle. 

The set includes the unicorn with its attached control panel, a comb, and a six piece sticker sheet, making this a perfectly giftable unicorn walk along toy that any kiddo will adore!

For younger children, this Kidzlane Wooden Unicorn Pull Toy is a good choice. 

This product is designed for children as long as eighteen months in age, making it an excellent developmental option due to the lowered age threshold. 

This is a safe, wooden product that is incredibly high quality and easy to use. 

It encourages walking and movement and is especially cute due to the wings, flowing wooden tail, and precious facial expression. 

This is the perfect gift for any little princess who loves being on the go just as much as she loves magic!

Designed as a smaller toy that is perfect for travel or bring along on a day outing, this Furreal Walkalots Lil’ Wags unicorn is as adorable as it is fun to play with. 

Designed with a jaunty, bouncy walk and super cute springy tail, this is a precious little friend that any kiddo will love playing with. 

What makes this line of toys especially cool is that you can actually purchase several different animals and link them together. 

This means that if your little one loves unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, and parrots, they can have all four! 

No matter how silly the combination, if there is an animal that matches up within the Lil’ Wags line of Walkalots products from Furreal, you can connect them and take them out for a fun walk on the go. 

The fun is endless!

Similar to the Pink Stars Electric Pet, this Sunful Electric Walking Unicorn Plush Toy is a great low cost option that will provide hours of fun. 

Featuring a pastel ombre tail and mane along with super cute metallic wings, this unicorn toy is delightful and will be a sure hit with any little princess. 

In fact, this product is very easy to use and functions easily for little hands due to the attached remote. 

You cannot go wrong with this precious, affordable little toy that is perfect for gifting.

While not a walk along in the traditional sense, this unicorn walk along toy is something a bit new. 

In a fun twist, this product walks and interacts much like a real pet and plays along with your child. 

The rainbow mane and light up horn are fun touches that add to the magic of the overall piece, making it a little extra special. 

The magical microphone lets Myla talk and interact even more, creating a truly immersive experience.

Special Magic

Regardless of which unicorn walk along toy you choose, there are tons of ways to have fun. 

Little ones will love the interactive nature of this style of toy and will have hours upon hours of fun with their new special friend. 

These make for the perfect gift and will go perfectly for any birthday, Christmas, or special occasion event. 

Why not spread a little bit of magic by gifting a new special unicorn friend?

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