The Best Unicorn Rings for Cupcakes

Unicorn Rings For Cupcakes

While a big, traditional birthday cake is plenty of fun, there is something incredibly special about cupcakes. 

These pint sized sweet treats are the perfect pre portioned snack for your kiddo’s party and can be more affordable if feeding a large crowd, making them a common birthday choice for class parties, weddings, and birthday bashes. 

You can find tons of stunning custom cupcake designs at bakeries but sometimes a little DIY is all you need. 

Let’s explore how to take a batch of plain cupcakes from drab to fab by taking a look at the best unicorn rings for cupcakes on the market!

The Best Unicorn Rings for Cupcakes

When comparing these unicorn rings for cupcakes, we took a few factors into account, including the design, price, and amount of rings included in each package. 

These are some of the best ones we found that would definitely work well for your next unicorn themed event as a dual decor and party favor treat!

If you are looking for something to fit a rainbow unicorn theme, look no further than these adorable Gejoy rings. 

The 48 count package includes 16 rainbow unicorn rings, 16 rainbow star rings, and 16 rainbow rings. 

These would be absolutely perfect for a super bright, neon set of cupcakes or to be used to dress up some plain single color or even straight white or chocolate icing. 

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination with this super fun product and you truly cannot go wrong with how you style these cute little accent pieces.

As a very affordable bulk option meant for use in bakeries, this 24 count set from A1 Bakery Supplies is a perfect simple unicorn design that suits cupcakes with sprinkles or sparkles just as well as plain color layouts. 

Each ring works perfectly as a fun favor for your guests to take home after they have their cupcake. 

Three different colors are included, pink, green, and blue, and each ring is made in the same classic unicorn design to suit a wide range of party themes. 

This is a classic accent piece that will be well received at any unicorn magic event. Plus, for the price, these are an absolute steal.

Another 48 piece set, this Gejoy Unicorn Rings for Girls offers some super cute options, this time in a wider variety of styles than the previous 48 piece set. 

There are seven different unicorn designs and a super cute rainbow cloud option. 

In this set, you get six of each style in total on a variety of different colored silicone bands. 

These lightweight little rings are perfect for events and special occasions and work well for parties as cupcake toppers or as rewards for behavior charts and in classrooms. Kids love these cute little treats.

For some extra fun, these light up unicorn rings for adults and kids are a great option that will be a great new toy for the little guests and grown ups alike to enjoy. 

With flashing LED lights, these rings are stretchy and comfortable to wear. 

They come in three different colors, blue, pink, and purple. Due to this being a pack of 12, you get four of each color in the pack to enjoy. 

This is a great option for those who want something a little outside of the box and nontraditional and will be a massive hit with the guests at your unicorn themed event.

How to Style Unicorn Rings for Cupcakes

Once you have chosen your unicorn rings for cupcakes for your event, you have to take into consideration how you will style them on the cupcake. 

There are a lot of different options aside from just plopping them into the middle of the cake that can add some extra flare and really push your event to the next level. Let’s explore.

For starters, adding sprinkles or edible glitter is a welcome surprise that little kids seem to love. 

There is something about a burst of sparkle or fun coloration that makes kids more attracted to the item. 

You can get fine milled edible glitter rather affordably through most retailers or by asking your baker to add the glitter themselves. 

Similarly, edible pearls and sequins can be added, too, along with traditional sprinkles, to create a dimensional effect.

If you really want to go above and beyond, neon colored icing can be drizzled on. 

Some brands even glow in the dark or under a blacklight, which would be super cool for while singing happy birthday, especially if you are doing a neon or rainbow unicorn theme. 

There are tons of different possibilities for this, between glowing icing, a glowing drizzle, or just sprinkling on some glowing sprinkles.

The possibilities are endless when designing your cupcakes. 

Once you have selected what rings you want to go on top, you can choose to match complimentary colors or go crazy and create something wild and fun. 

With so many options, it truly is up to you. Play around and find your perfect unicorn rings for cupcakes and get to work! You can make something magical in no time at all.

Unicorn Rings For Cupcakes

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