What Are Some Unicorn Party Ideas for Boys

unicorn party ideas for boys

Who says that unicorn magic is just for little girls? 

Grown ups and boys can easily get in on the magical fun and enjoy everyone’s favorite horned mythical creature. 

If your little guy loves unicorns, it can sometimes be tricky to find unicorn party decor and ideas to cater to his desired theme within the girl dominated marketplace. 

Fortunately, we have some ideas for his big day. 

Let’s explore some unicorn party ideas for boys and help make his event just as magical as any princess party ever!

Unicorn Party Ideas for Boys

When planning a unicorn party for boys, you should go with the theme that your kiddo wants. 

If they are in the mood for a full rainbow unicorn party, then go all out and let them have their multicolored party of their dreams. 

However, if they want something a little more lowkey but still full of unicorn magic, there are plenty of options out there for them. 

Let’s discuss and figure out what your kiddo wants from their big day.

Unicorn Party Ideas for Boys

Color Theme

If your kiddo likes rainbows, you will likely have a very easy time choosing decor items. 

There are tons of rainbow unicorn items out there. If not, though, you may have to pull some strings. 

Light blues are popular or “stormy unicorn” themes where you do blues and greys with lightning bolts and unicorns.

If your child has a favorite color, you could easily base the color theme of their party around whatever color they like and create an overall theme. 

For example, green could be a forest unicorn theme or yellow could be based on the sun or the galaxy. 

Seriously, think of how cool an outer space unicorn party would be.

Games and Activities

As with any party, the games and activities will likely not change. 

You can easily cater them to fit your theme but some classics will definitely be a good fit regardless of what colors your child likes or what type of unicorn they are into.

Things like pin the tail on the donkey, art stations, slime making, and other small spaces are easy to pull off and lots of fun. 

Similarly, you could rent out a bounce house or ball pit and let the kids have some outdoor fun if the weather permits.

What you do depends on your budget but you can easily find lots of unicorn themed games and activities to use for unicorn party ideas for boys. 

It is just a matter of figuring out what you want to do and what would be appropriate for the amount of children you are having at your event. 

With so many different ideas and products at your disposal, you can create the perfect unicorn party for your little prince in no time!

Unicorn Party Ideas for Boys

Cake and Treats

As with any unicorn party, the cake is easily the focal point most of the time. 

You can do a printed unicorn pattern, classic sheet cake with a scene, a batch of topped cupcakes, or an ultra unicorn cake complete with a horn. 

There are so many good ideas for unicorn cakes and tons of unicorn party ideas for boys out there to help you create the perfect unicorn cake for your little guy.

If you want the cake to have a more traditionally boy color scheme, you could easily go for muted tones or darker colors. 

Blue unicorns are one of the more unicorn party ideas for boys, as are the aforementioned storm unicorns which use blue, grey, and black to create a deep, fun look. 

Accompany this theme with some matching cupcakes topped with stormy raindrop or lightning bolt sprinkles and you’re all set!

Classics like unicorn bark (white chocolate dyed with food dye and topped with sprinkles), chips and dip, pizza, and other treats can be served and will be a big hit with all of the little princesses and princes at the event. 

You could even have an ice cream sundae or cupcake decorating bar where the kids can create their own edible masterpiece sweet treats, too! 

There are tons of different options here to make something perfect for the little guy’s event.

Unicorn Rings For Cupcakes

The Sunglasses Unicorn Trend

For girls, every party seems to feature the eyelash unicorn design. 

You have probably seen it, as it showcases a pretty unicorn with long eyelashes. 

For boys, there is a version that uses sunglasses instead of the eyelashes to give a boyish twist to this cute little design.

This is very trendy right now and is perfect for putting on decor pieces, the cake, and on treat bags. 

These treat bags can be filled with things like unicorn yoyos, candy, slime, and other little trinkets like bouncy balls. 

Essentially, if there is a traditionally feminine option, you can easily find a boyish one, too.

In reality, unicorns do not belong to any singular gender. 

They are a mythical creature that brings fun and magic to all. 

Why would we ever want to seclude that just to girls? Such a positive thing can certainly pose a benefit to everyone and bring a lot of fun and joy. 

If your little guy loves unicorns, even the more traditionally girly designs, who cares! 

Let them enjoy their birthday and have all of the magical fun they could want! 

They are only little for a little while, so let them enjoy their childhood to the fullest. 

A little glitter and rainbows never hurt anyone at all!

A Unicorn Party for the Boys​

There are so many wonderful unicorn party ideas for boys. 

With these tips and tricks, you can create a wonderful boy unicorn event like no other and really make your kiddo feel heard and appreciated. 

With so much magic and fun to be had, a unicorn party is perhaps one of the best themes for boys and girls alike. 

There is just something extra special about a mythical magic event and the memories that come with it!

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