5 Cool Unicorn Party Ideas for 8 Year Old Kids

Unicorn Party Ideas for 8 Year Old

5 Cool Unicorn Party Ideas for 8 Year Old Kids

Hosting a unicorn birthday party is a super fun activity that calls for a lot of fun decorations and games to really create a full image of the themes.

For eight year olds, there are tons of different popular themes that can be used to help create a cohesive look for the big event.

Let’s take a look at five cool unicorn party ideas for 8 year old kids and help you decide on the exact thematic elements of your kiddo’s party!

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All five of these themes are super popular right now among eight year olds.

Let’s take a look at each and discuss some ideas to make them your own and curate a truly special day for your kiddo!

The linked items from Amazon will give you an idea of the overall party theme and help you understand what exactly the concept is referring to, plus give you a starting point for picking up your supplies and decor for the big day!

Popular due to Princess Celestia in My Little Pony and other famous unicorns, this theme centers around stars, the moon, and, of course, unicorn magic.

Try going for deeper tones like navy or dark purple with cool pastels mixed in for the decor.

You can find tons of banners on Etsy and other shopping sites that will suit this theme perfectly.

Moon and star confetti acts as a perfect accent for this theme, especially with older kids who may not want unicorns absolutely everywhere.

For the cake, try going for something in the same colors or even white with a flowing maned unicorn added on top to tie it together.

This is an incredible theme that is becoming more and more popular, with some kids even asking for a witchy twist with the addition of crystals and metallic silver accents to the overall theme, too!

Perhaps the most popular of all unicorn party themes… 

The eyelash unicorn is a sweet, mature take on the genre.

Featuring a unicorn face with closed eyes and a glittery horn, this trend has been around for a long time across all age brackets. 

From first birthdays and baby showers up to bachelorette parties and grown-up events.

Due to this, you can find a massive range of products to help accessorize this type of party and can cater it to almost any color preference, making it suitable for a wide range of children.

Plus, since it is so easy to find things to suit the theme, you can easily customize many aspects of the party to create a custom fit for your child’s interests, be they sports, band, or anything else!

Think of this as a sort of unicorn party with an 80s flair!

Does your child love all things rainbow and fun?

Are they a big fan of bold colors and designs as big as their lovely personality?

Then this might be the perfect theme.

With Lisa Frank being popular once more, you can find a ton of super fun decor pieces that make creating the perfect bold, bright party super easy.

In fact, the kit linked above has most of the pieces you need from a basic standpoint, making the rest of the party planning as easy as seeking out the additional decor items and food to complete the look.

You can even have the kiddos invited to dress up in bright colors for a super fun unicorn neon photoshoot, too, creating the opportunity for a photo booth and fun props to play a role in one of the party’s activities!

The possibilities with this super fun theme are literally endless!

Similarly to the eyelash unicorn theme, this is a style that is often used in parties for younger and older kids alike.

The main difference here is that instead of the eyelash unicorn print, there is a larger range of motifs suiting the pattern.

The color scheme is generally muted, featuring pastels and other light colors, including creams, pinks, and white and black patterning.

This is a really great way to create a very photo-ready event on a budget, as it offers a lot of very pretty area ideas.

You can also have the kiddos dress up in fancy clothes and pitch it as a tea party to make it a little extra special, especially if you serve “fancy” cookies and other snacks to really make them feel like grown-up princesses!

Think of how cool this would look!

Kids seem to adore glow in the dark items so theming the entire party around glow in the dark decor and favors can create a really cool effect.

This is a great way to throw a super cool party on a budget, especially if you are wanting to go all out for a little bit of money.

Give the kids glow sticks and other glowing accessories and pick up some glowing unicorn decals.

Glow in the dark icing dribbled on the cake would give the effect there, too.

You can also add some black lights for an extra intense glowing party vibe, too!

Some glowing face paint can help complete the event, as can games like corn hole on a glowing game board or glowing paint craft time, too.

The possibilities here are as endless as your imagination so start looking for ideas and run with it!

This uncommon theme is super cool and totally underrated!

The kids are sure to love it!

A Bit of Unicorn Magic

There are tons of other super fun unicorn party themes for your eight-year-old.

Play around with their interests and create something totally new or go for a classic.

Either way, they are sure to have a great time with their super fun unicorn party!

Just find your theme and run with it; you can create something really special on a budget or go all out to create an entire magical event.

Regardless of what you end up working with, you can easily create a special, memorable event for your little one that they will adore and remember with their friends for years to come.

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