5 Cute Unicorn on a Leash Toy Options Your Child Will Love

Unicorn On A Leash Toy

5 Cute Unicorn on a Leash Toy Options Your Child Will Love

With the toy market being totally saturated with tons of different unique, new ideas, it can be hard to settle on a single gift for your kiddo, especially if you really want to wow them.

From fine motor toys and books to tablets and art sets, it seems there is a never-ending array of new and exciting things always coming out.

It can, honestly, be a bit overwhelming to decide if they have not hinted about a single thing they want.

Perhaps something interactive and imaginative will do the trick!

Let’s look at five cute unicorn on a leash toy options that any kiddo would love to receive! 

Our Top Picks

A quick look online reveals that there are tons of different super cute leash toys out there, with the favorite being an adorable walking unicorn.

If you are in the market for a unicorn on a leash toy, you probably realize just how many different amazing options there are.

We have selected five of our favorites to share here based on several different criteria facets, including price, features, accessories, durability, and customer reviews, among other things.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our five picks and see which one would be the best fit for your little princess!

Available in a trio of colors including rose red, purple, and blue, this super cute TACY unicorn is a great low-cost option that offers a ton of features for a small price tag.

The toy operates via an easy to control remote that is attached directly to the unicorn via a leash cord to prevent losing the control mechanism.

The toy sings, dances, and walks along, following the child who holds onto the control panel.

With three songs and a host of other magical unicorn sounds, the toy is a great interactive option, as it switches up its vocalizations to engage the child in imaginative play.

This toy is a solid option, though there are some reports of issues with it breaking if the child is particularly rough with it due to the mechanical parts.

The description is also bizarre within the listing but this is a simple case of a language barrier being enacted, as the seller’s native tongue is not English and they certainly do not mean to be offensive.

Despite this, the product is a solid option if you want something fun without paying a hefty price. 

If you are not into the mechanical aspects of a unicorn on a leash toy or are otherwise looking for a cheaper option that is still super fun and high quality, this Justice brand Pet Shop toy is a great choice that allows for a lot of imaginative play and enrichment.

Made of super soft and plush fabric, this is an amazing, snugglable toy that will be welcome in any playtime routine.

The golden collar and leash give an air of royalty and add some extra interest to the overall piece, turning it into something truly special and fun.

Aside from that, Justice often runs a special sale on their toys where they are two for twenty dollars, which means you can also grab some accessories for your daughter’s new unicorn friend, too!

You can’t go wrong with this precious little unicorn toy!

Peppy Pets is a popular brand of interactive toys that provide tons of super fun features and different style options to suit a wide range of boy and girl kiddos, alike.

This specific model is the white unicorn but you can also find this toy in purple and other special edition colors online.

The brand claims the toy walks, runs, and interacts just like a real pet and is silly, soft, and easy to love.

The perfect companion for any unicorn fan or little one, this adorable toy is a great option that is worth investing in.

It is high quality, super cute, and reviewers note that it holds up well to rougher playtime without any of the moving parts becoming easily damaged or hindered in most circumstances.

All in all, this is a solid option that any kiddo would love to chase and play with!

Plus, you can grab it in a pug, dalmatian, mutt, and bulldog based designs, too, if they decide they want a puppy friend, as well!

While technically not on a leash, this Toy of the Year contender is a great high tech choice that will be an awesome surprise for any interactive toy loving kiddo.

Myla the Magical Unicorn is a VTech original design that has a ton of different features and activities, allowing for hours of imaginative and interactive play that will keep your little one moving and entertained.

You can change Myla’s colors by touching the magic brush to the interactive palette, causing her to adapt to your choices.

You can also brush her long, flowing hair and decorate her with combs and clips, allowing a super fun customizable aspect to her play.

Additionally, perhaps the most special feature is the fact that you can sing a song and press the mic to Myla’s lips to hear her repeat it back.

There are tons of other features, too, making this a fantastic option all around!

A smaller brand of the Furreal Friends Big Wags toys, this Lil’ Wags unicorn is adorable is small enough that you can take it for a walk across a desk or table without worrying about knocking things around or making a mess.

The hard plastic leash adds stability and the mechanisms are simple enough that you do not have to worry about the toy breaking or being damaged by playtime.

This is a great option for younger kids or those who do not have the fine motor skills for more advanced toys and older kids alike since it is a simple yet fun option!

Go For a Magical Walk

Whether you want something high tech or a little more simplistic, there is a wide range of unicorn toys available, all of which have super fun features and facets your little one will adore!

Figure out which works best for your kiddo’s interests and play preferences and you are all set to add a little magic to your kiddo play routine!

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