Five Adorable Unicorn Birthday Outfits 9 Year Old Kids Will Adore!

Unicorn Birthday Outfits 9 Year Old

Five Adorable Unicorn Birthday Outfits 9 Year Old Kids Will Adore!

While often marketed to younger kids, unicorns are prime nine-year-old interest level material.

The magic of a creature like the unicorn of lore is so appealing to children in general, as is the beauty and mystique of its legend.

Our children are only children once, so let them enjoy all of the magic of being a child!

Let’s take a look at five adorable unicorn birthday outfits 9 year old kids will adore for their special, magical day!

Our Top Picks

We selected these five options for a host of reasons, including the price, creativity, appeal, customer reviews, and size options, among other facets.

We believe all of these are high quality and perfect for any nine-year-old princess celebrating her big day!

Let’s take a look at each of these and decide which best suits your kiddo’s princess preferences!

If you are looking for something simple but still super cute, this Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. Birthday Girl Unicorn Shirt is a fantastic fit!

The super-comfortable material is a breathable and relaxed fit, allowing your kid to fully enjoy their party without feeling restrained by their outfit, making it perfect for kids who are more active.

The bright pink color looks super cute and fits most unicorn themes, as does the magical unicorn print and “birthday girl” text.

If you want something easy to style that is comfortable and ultimately cute without too much going on, this high-quality print is an amazing product that will look great and serve your child well as they party hard and celebrate!

Plus, everything is printed using safe ink, preventing any unnecessary chemical exposure without sacrificing the quality of the finished image, which is guaranteed not to crack, chip, peel, or fade. 

If you want something a little more fun and funky, look no further than this amazing, retro-inspired Jxtar Girls Unicorn Dress.

With its array of bold colors and splashings of unicorns and rainbows, this dress is wild, bold, and loud in all of the best ways.

Your child will look and feel like a rockstar in this special printed dress while still being comfortable for all play situations thanks to the breathable construction and cotton/spandex blend fabric.

The fit and flare skirt gives this dress shape and form while the tank top style sleeves keep your child comfortable and ready for anything her party may include.

Plus, this product works perfectly if you want something your kiddo can wear once the party is over without screaming “birthday outfit”, saving you money and letting them have a new favorite outfit option!

It is a win-win: they get a magical birthday unicorn outfit AND a new dress for school or play. You cannot go wrong!

So, let’s say neon pink and glitter are not your daughter’s general vibe.

This Arshiner Set will probably be more her style!

Featuring a print with a mix of both unicorns and dinosaurs, this adorable set is perfect for colder climates and for those kids whose interests tend to be a bit more skewed and off the wall.

This set is super cute and includes a pair of stretchy, comfortable leggings, as well as a shirt with pockets for the kid that is always on the go.

You can find this outfit in three different unicorn prints in pink, white, and navy blue, as well as an alternate design featuring a patterned, minimalistic cat in pink, green, and grey.

No matter which you choose, this outfit is adorable and comfortable and can easily be worn after the party is over!

You can even break apart the pieces to get more wear out of it since they are essentially just paired and printed basics!

If you’re hoping for something a little more dramatic, this adorable Unicorn Sequin Dress set is a massive winner.

Featuring a precious tutu dress with the ever-popular eyelash unicorn print on the top and three colors in the tutu area along with a headband and detachable wings, this dress set is perfect for the kid looking to really bring the wow-factor to her party.

Especially good for photoshoots or birthday videos, this outfit is adorable and is an amazing option that can be used as a super fun dress up piece once the party is over.

You can currently pick up this dress in styles suiting one-year-old infants all the way up to ten-year-old preteens and can select between three different wing colors: rainbow, gold, and silver to suit your party decor and child’s preference.

This special outfit will definitely be an eyecatching, stunning addition if you want something to really make a statement!

If you are wanting something completely over the top and magical, this MYRISAM Unicorn Long Tulle Dress is an amazing product that really makes a statement and looks like it is straight from your child’s favorite unicorn princess storybook.

With an eyelash unicorn print at the top and floral accents, this dress is cute from its base concept.

What makes it truly special, though, is the addition of a flowing, detailed skirt that will have your little princess looking and feeling like she is absolutely floating.

There are tons of color options, including rainbow, purple, pink, blue, champagne, and two different multicolor designs.

You can find a dress to suit any party theme with ease and really create some special photos and moments with a dress this intense and fun!

Plus, your child will feel like a fairy princess as they twirl about in this luxe, fancy party dress!

Magical Birthday

If your kiddo loves unicorns and magic, any of these fun birthday party outfits will be an absolute delight.

Let them flip through their options and help you pick the perfect outfit for their special day.

They’ll look and feel like they are on top of the world as they create beautiful, fun memories that will last a lifetime! 

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