5 Super Cute Unicorn Birthday Outfit 6 Year Old Options Your Kiddo Will Adore!

Unicorn Birthday Outfit 6 Year Old

5 Super Cute Unicorn Birthday Outfit 6 Year Old Options Your Kiddo Will Adore!

Celebrating a birthday for your little one is a pretty big deal.

Chances are you are planning a super fun party for them and want your child to feel special and like a princess on her big day.

This includes perhaps buying a cute unicorn outfit to help them feel dressed up and ready to party.

Let’s take a look at five super cute unicorn birthday outfit six-year-old options that your kiddos will absolutely adore!

Our Top Picks

Choosing a birthday outfit for your little one is no easy task, especially considering how saturated the market is with adorable designs and super cute accessories that can make it hard to pin down one singular look for the big day’s event.

We selected these five styles due to their reviews, price, features, and comfort, among other criteria facets, and believe they will be the perfect addition to your little one’s party day wardrobe.

Let’s take a closer look at each and see which best suits your child’s super magical unicorn party vibe!

If you are looking for something to really make your little one feel like the center of attention and an absolute unicorn princess, this precious dress will definitely do the trick!

Featuring a cute unicorn motif and the word “six” in gold print, this dress is adorable and super flouncy, making for a perfectly fun and sassy birthday outfit for any unicorn loving kiddo.

The tutu skirt is bright lavender and has satin trimming to give it a more high end, finished look.

The sequin bows add a little extra interest and look adorable when paired with the matching golden unicorn horn flower crown headband.

This is a perfect, cohesive look that is perfect for any kid who likes making a big entrance and all things dramatic and royal!

Plus, you can grab it in a wide range of ages and sizes, making it inclusive and perfect for multi-child families where kids may share parties and events, too!

For something a little more lowkey but still adorable and perfectly photo-worthy, this 7 ate 9 tee is a great option that your kiddo will love, especially if they are active and not the biggest fans of poofy dresses but still want to feel like a unicorn princess on their big day.

The pink raglan cut is sporty and super cute while still remaining comfortable and allowing your child to run about and play freely, making their birthday extra fun and wild.

The eyelash unicorn print is super trendy and popular right now and adds a sweet, magical element to the overall design.

The brand added the word “six” in a cute cursive font that matches the rest of the design, too, distinguishing this as a birthday kiddo t-shirt and setting your little apart from the rest of the guests without being over the top or uncomfortable.

Plus, they can totally wear this again after the party since it is so comfortable and high quality!

7 ate 9 offers this style of top in several different ages and sizes, allowing you to purchase any necessary alternatives if you are sharing a party or otherwise need a different age, as well.

If you want to give your child options, this is definitely the way to go.

IBTOM CASTLE offers a ton of different colors, styles, patterns, prints, and accessories, allowing your princess to choose the exact outfit she wants for her big day’s ball from their massive catalog of inventory.

Currently, there are thirty-seven different options of this poofy, ultra-stylish dress, including unicorn eye prints, rainbow tulle, headbands, glitter, and other accents to ensure every little princess’s tastes are met.

Whether your little one loves all things pink or is more of a rainbow or neutral kind of gal, she can find something absolutely perfect in this dress that she will feel special and gorgeous in.

Plus, there is a massive range of sizes going from infant to preteen, meaning there is something for every kiddo out there in this line!

From Cotrio, a very well-reviewed and liked brand on Amazon, this dress is a super versatile option like the IBTOM product but features a more refined and floral based unicorn design that appeals to a different target audience.

Available in eleven different prints and colors, this dress still provides a lot of different options for your kiddo to choose between while also adding some details that give the dresses a much more high-end look that will be gorgeous in birthday photography.

The three-dimensional attachments add extra interest to this dress, popping out against the neutral and pastel backgrounds.

The unicorn prints are crisp and varied, giving you a few different possible selections.

Additionally, you also get a headband and sash with each set, creating a complete unicorn birthday girl outfit that is perfect for any unicorn princess out there who really wants to look and feel super special for their big day!

Lastly, we have another more relaxed style, this time also on a raglan style tee but with a different print and theme.

The pink shirt is super soft and high quality, allowing your kiddo to rough house and play hard without worrying about ruining their special party shirt in the excitement of it all.

The print is super precious, featuring a golden glitter unicorn accompanied by the word “six”.

The full body print is gorgeous and adds an extra flair since most usually just stick to a head profile print or eyelash unicorn design to keep things simple.

Bump and Beyond Designs went above and beyond in creating this shirt, ensuring your kiddo will feel special at their magical unicorn party!

Celebrating with Magic

Regardless of what design you opt to pick, your princess will feel super special and definitely experience the magic that something as wonderful as a unicorn party brings.

Enjoy the special moments!

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