Top Five Unicorn Toys 2022

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Top Five Best Unicorn Toys 2022

As one of the hottest toy themes of the decade, unicorn toys have been in high demand ever since!

As we start a new decade, it appears this trend will carry over, with unicorns being well-loved by kids across all age brackets. 

Since toys in general, especially toys for girls, are now being designed to cater to a wider Let’s explore five of the best unicorn toy 2022 options out there that your kiddo will love to play with!

Our Top Picks For Best Unicorn Toys 2022

Here are our top picks for the best unicorn toys 2022.

All of these were selected due to their diverse features, appeal, price, reviews, and several other factors, including durability and longevity of use.

Let’s explore these five products and their individual features to see what makes them top product material!

Who says a little one can’t love unicorns and aerial robotics?

This unique toy combines the two perfectly to create an adorable little unicorn toy that your kiddo can control from the ground.

The flying feature is simple enough for most young children, as it features just a few buttons to help direct the unicorn’s flight.

In fact, you just press the button to start and stop the flight and use your hand to guide the unicorn otherwise.

The sensor is accurate, even when used with smaller children’s hands, and the product as a whole is designed to be kid-safe.

The propeller top has an automatic shut-off setting that makes the entire thing turn off if the blades become stuck or impeded, meaning your little one will be safe while playing.

This rechargeable toy is great for boys and girls alike and offers a lot of fine motor training and planning practice, giving it a bit of an educational and developmental edge, too.

Plus, it can create a fun bonding moment if you have littles of varying age brackets!

Given the overall general popularity of this product, the VTech Prance and Rock Learning Unicorn is a no-brainer option for any parent with a younger child who needs extra stimulation with their toys.

The changeable base allows you to switch between a rocker and ride-on toy to suit your child’s preference and age and the motion sensor works to encourage movement and play that will strengthen the leg muscles and motor skills in a fun and creative way!

The toy also encourages imaginative play and features a ton of different tools to help teach your child colors, shapes, and the alphabet, among other things like songs and dances!

Perfect for ages one to three, this toy is a super fun addition to any playroom that will bring a ton of explorative and imaginative play!

One for the older kids, this Power Your Fun Robotic Pets Unicorn Toy is a very high tech option that comes with a ton of features and is great as a pretend pet for your little one!

This adorable remote control pet features interactive play modes, including one that allows your child to guide it as it walks with just a wave of their hand.

There are also accessories included, too.

The faux food items, brush, and control panel all match the color scheme of the unicorn and are absolutely adorable, adding an extra layer of play to the toy and further enriching the experience your child will have.

The toy also has a unique feature of teaching basic coding through the feeding process.

The light up and interaction patterns of the unicorn will change based on what treats you give it, creating a base correlation between changing one thing and experiencing a different outcome that can be furthered with child-friendly coding products and games.

Aside from that, your kid can also set the toy to Adventure Mode to allow the unicorn to free roam its space, which is perhaps even more fun since you never know how it will choose to interact with its surroundings!

Barbie is perhaps one of the most well-known names in all of the toy marketplace.

The bombshell blonde doll has been around for decades and has remained a mainstay toy due to its constantly evolving themes, clothes, and accessories keeping things fresh and modern with each new release.

The Barbie Dreamtopia Brush n Sparkle Unicorn toy is a perfect example of this, playing into the modern unicorn craze with a revamped glitter style and flowing, brushable mane.

This toy also features light and sound options that can be activated through brushing the unicorn’s mane or pushing the buttons on its body, creating a unique effect each time you follow through a pattern.

This toy goes along with the rest of the Dreamtopia Barbie set, which includes several settings, dolls, and accessory sets.

Your little one can collect them all and act out scenes from the hit Dreamtopia series or just stick to this precious unicorn; either way, there are tons of magical fun to be had.

If you are looking for the perfect unicorn gift, look no further than this super cute Infloatables Unicorn Stuffed Animal.

This toy is super popular with multiple age ranges and suits younger and older children well due to its customizable capabilities.

Every Infloatables Unicorn comes with a birth certificate and dry erase feet, allowing your little one to write special messages and customize the information of their unicorn including its name and birthday.

This is a perfect super sweet gifting option that will delight any little one!

Best Unicorn Toys 2022 For Your Little One

These five unicorn toys are great for gifting or for your little one to pick as their own new toy.

All of them are high quality and feature good customer reviews, giving you peace of mind in knowing you are choosing something that will be super fun and last for years to come.

Your kiddo will love any of these and can experience different facets of play depending on which they choose, making for tons of imagination and developmentally friendly learning and playtime to come!

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