The Most Magical Walking Unicorn Toy with Leash For Your Little Princess or Prince

Walking Unicorn Toy with Leash

The Most Magical Walking Unicorn Toy with Leash For Your Little Princess or Prince

The best magic walking unicorn toys for the little princess in your life!

The simulated experience of having a real pet is truly something special and provides playtime as close as you can get to having a real pet unicorn without all of the messes.

This is especially true when it comes to everyone’s favorite magical, mythical creature, the unicorn.

It is every little kid’s dream to ride on the back of a majestic unicorn. Easy enough to do with big fluffy unicorn toys, but what about getting one that moves.

Make this dream come true with these amazing magic walking unicorn toy options that you can find easily online!

Our Top Magic Walking Unicorn Toy Picks

We have selected these five specific magic walking unicorn toy with leash products due to a host of different factors, including price, product features, customer reviews, and overall quality, among other things.

These appear to be solid products that will provide hours upon hours of amazing playtime for your little ones while handling any kiddo wear and tear that is bound to come from a bit of rambunctious play.

As one of the highest-rated unicorn toys on all of Amazon, the Pink Stars Magic walking unicorn toy is a great choice that provides a ton of unique features and accessories at a very modest price point.

The full-length leash allows your little one to walk the unicorn along and trigger dancing, singing, and prancing with the push of a button.

This toy is also hypoallergenic and features a mane that is well secured to withstand tugging and brushing, making it less of a choking hazard or irritation risk when compared to other comparable brands.

It also comes with a magic comb to brush the horse’s mane and a six-piece set of special princesses and unicorns themed stickers, as well.

The product is safe for ages over three years and runs on batteries, which unfortunately are not included with the purchase.

All in all, this is a solid choice if you are looking for a bang for your buck option that will really wow your kiddo.

A cute little unicorn with a futuristic twist, this singing and dancing magic walking unicorn toy is colored in an intergalactic, holographic theme that is out of this world cool.

The product is designed to be a sort of otherworldly companion for your little one, who will be delighted as it stamps its hooves and sings the song of the Space Unicorn in its horsey language.

This Walking Unicorn toy is recommended for ages six and up and requires batteries to work, which are not included.

From the trusted and well-loved FurReal Friends line of toys, this magic walking Unicorn is a high quality, top of the line option that is unbelievably adorable.

With its big eyes and oversized, plush nature, this little toy walks along gleefully and features a ton of different emotes to convey just how happy it is to be playing and spending time with your little one.

Its fun features include unicorn speak, a bouncy magic walking cycle, and tail wagging to display its happy nature.

Plus, the connectable leash allows you to walk your unicorn by itself.

Recommended for Ages over 4 years or any adult really wanting a magic walking unicorn toy of their own 🙂

Taking a classic approach to the walking stuffed toy niche, the Electric Magic Walking Unicorn Plush Toy is a no-frills but high fun option that is great for younger kids.

This product runs on batteries which are not included and is suitable for younger children due to its simplistic design and sturdy nature.

The push-button control on the lead is easy to use and allows even smaller children to activate the unicorn’s dancing, prancing, and singing.

This delightful toy is highly rated and extremely affordable, making it an excellent first unicorn toy or addition to any growing unicorn collection.

Named Mia, this cute magic walking unicorn will make a great addition to that special little persons room.

Mia is designed to bring a bit of magic straight to your own home and are made to sing, dance, walk, and prance their way straight into your child’s heart.

Possibly a great gift for new parents, baby showers, birthdays, daycare, preschool class and more and make a great general gift that suits most childhood events.

These plush cuties are easy to love and fantastic for any unicorn loving kiddo.

A Bit Of All Things Magical

Whether you are picking up your little royal a magic walking unicorn toy with a leash for Christmas, their birthday, or just because, you can count on the fact that it will definitely bring a little bit of magic with it regardless of which you choose.

These fun, amazing little unicorn toys are such brightening items that can exponentially enhance your child’s pretend play and make their fantasy kingdom all the more perfect.

If you are still unsure, perhaps let your little one choose their own and “adopt it” to be their special royal pet.

This idea could add a little extra fun to the entire venture and help make sure they get exactly what they want!

No matter what, though, they are sure to love their new unicorn friend!

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