The Cutest Unicorn Party Favors for Baby Showers

Cutest Unicorn Party Favors for Baby Showers

The Cutest Unicorn Party Favors for Baby Showers

There is no joy quite like that of ushering in the birth of a new baby.

The excitement, fun, and emotions of it all are completely unmatched and something truly wonderful on the deepest of levels.

With labor and delivery coming up, pregnancy can feel like a bit of a blur of preparing and anxious awaiting;

it can be a lot and new moms definitely deserve to be celebrated.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest unicorn party favors for baby showers that are just as magical as the new little one and mom to be

Some Ideas

Here are some of our favorite cute ideas for your unicorn themed baby shower’s party favors.

Give your guests something small as a thank you for their support, love, and baby gifts that they will love with one or two of these magical options!

Hot with most large events, including weddings and other parties, fill your own bag style candy bars are an easy option that gives guests the opportunity to customize their favor with things they will actually enjoy.

Just grab some cute gift bags and make a fun sign and you are on your way to having the perfect low-effort party favor station!

Tiny bulk candies like mini chocolate bars, jelly beans, individually wrapped candies, and butter mints are all great options that can be selected to match the party’s colors.

Pink and gold are especially popular for unicorn parties so perhaps opt for champagne and metallic gold jelly beans or pink and butterscotch hard candies for your table setting.

Guests can take as little or as much as they like and in general, this is an affordable option that looks incredibly high end and chic.

Bonus points if you use the mom’s favorite candies or current cravings in the mix!

As far as small favors go, it is often best to give something functional.

These lip balms are customized with a unicorn motif and are super cute thematically while providing something that your guests can actually use in their everyday lives.

This is a great practical option that is not overly expensive and will bring them a bit of joy and remind them of the new little one every time they use it, which is a sweet little extra perk.

The ones we have selected are vanilla flavored and have an adorable, “Thank You For Making Today Magical”, note on the labeling that is perfect for a party favor purpose!

Each order also contains a dozen, making this great for larger parties where you need a lot of favors in the same style, too.

If the fill your own bag style candy bar is not your taste, these cute little bags of “unicorn poop” will satisfy your sweet tooth having guests easily while providing a very Instagram friendly little favor they will want to hold onto even after the snacks are gone!

These sweet little marshmallows are tasty and come in four flavors to match their pastel colorings: strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange.

You can also purchase these in varying size packages, starting at twelve individually wrapped servings and going up to as many as forty-eight, making it a great fit for parties of all sizes. Plus, the sugary classic snack is perfect for any mom-to-be sugar cravings, too.

In fact, you may want to order a couple extra to have on hand in the growing baby really takes a liking to them!

Perhaps the most adorable option, these little stuffed unicorns make for great favors that have a bit of a wow-factor.

With their large, lovely eyes and soft fur, these stuffed friends are absolutely precious and perfect for setting-up an adoption station.

Make a cute printout and have guests write their names, which color they picked, and what they named their unicorn and hang it on your little one’s wall alongside a photo of everyone from the shower to create a sweet little memento to remind the baby just how loved they are and how everyone came together to have a magical party in their honor despite not even meeting them yet!

You can even have an extra unicorn for the nursery, as well, to match the rest of the people who love the little one most!

This favor is one that can be cherished for years to come and is perfect for those who maybe live a little further away but still want a precious reminder of the new baby.

Having a baby shower is a wonderful thing but can be a little stressful, as we all know.

Planning a party and moving around the mom’s hormonal emotions can be a little tough but so worth it.

Give your guests and host something to help them unwind with these cute bath bombs, which include a special surprise unicorn figure inside!

Let them get home and take a nice hot bath, only to find a sweet little gift inside of their bath bomb.

Plus, these smell absolutely amazing and are dyed in gorgeous pastel colors that will compliment any magical, unicorn-themed event.

Just stock up on a few for the new mom because she definitely deserves a nice little spa time, too!

A Magical Event

No matter the color scheme you prefer or the gender of the new baby, unicorns can be a fun, colorful theme that will have guests talking.

The out of the box style and fun twists of these favors will serve as a perfect thank you for all of your friends, family, and other loved ones who attend the special day and will definitely make the new mom happy.

Try mixing one or two or creating customized gift baskets if you really want to go above and beyond to showcase your gratitude for all of your guests who chose to come to celebrate your bundle of joy.

No matter what route you go, your day is bound to be absolutely magical.

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