The Cutest Unicorn 2nd Birthday Party Ideas Ever

unicorn 2nd birthday party ideas

When working with a theme like unicorns, there is a lot of room to play around and create some real magic. 

You can basically make anything unicorn themed and it will be a hit. 

If you want something a little outside of the box, though, things can get trickier. 

Let’s explore some of the cutest unicorn 2nd birthday party ideas ever and help make your little one’s magical day one of a kind.

Unicorn Snacks

The obvious cake and cupcakes will be a massive hit but if you are looking to stock a snack space, there are tons of fun ideas that will definitely up the magic level of your kiddo’s event. 

As one of the tastiest unicorn 2nd birthday party ideas around, magical unicorn bark is a super sweet treat that little ones adore. 

Jut melt together different colors of candy melt and swirl it to create the perfect tie dye effect to match the party color scheme and you’re set. 

Top with sprinkles and other little accents, like edible glitter, to really pull the whole thing together.

Picking up a container of rainbow swirled ice cream and having a topping bar is a great choice, too. 

It also creates an interactive little station where the kiddos can create their own ice cream sundaes and express some creativity. 

Some people even put edible glitter in water to make glittery ice cubes, once frozen. 

This is definitely a bit of an out there idea but it is super cute and would definitely be a hit with little girls who love a bit of fun, glitz, and glamor. 

While the glitter in the linked reference is not edible, you could totally swap for edible glitter and it will likely turn out just as cute! 

Bonus points if you add it to some lightly colored juice for popsicles!

There are tons of cute ideas and you can turn almost anything into a fun rainbow print, so the options are as expansive as your own imagination. 


Unicorn Treats

Unicorn Activities

There are tons of ways to entertain your kiddo’s guests, but perhaps the best is with a series of super fun activities. 

There are tons of different unicorn 2nd birthday party ideas that will work perfectly to make the event a smash hit and keep all of the guests interested and occupied. 

For example, a pinata is a classic and is always well-recieved. 

There are tons of adorable unicorn themed candies out there that will work perfectly in a pinata and keep with the theme fully. 

This creates a cohesive look and extends the magic even further! 

Slime making is all the rage right now. 

Why not set up a unicorn slime making center and let all of the little ones take their own custom slime home with them once the event is over? 

The process is simple and can be done with washable, non-toxic school glue, making it safe and relatively easy to clean up. 

Just add plenty of glitters and mix-ins and they’ll be happy for sure!

Jewelry making, painting, and other fun crafts are also well received and can really wow a crowd. 

You can also pull many types of crafts off while working on a budget, making it a pretty cost-effective solution in lieu of bigger attractions.

Still, sometimes bigger is what you want. 

Classics like bounce houses and slip n slides are available in unicorn themes, as are giant inflatables and ball pits. 

You can create a full magical unicorn carnival, if you really wanted to and wanted to find all of the components. 

The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

unicorn painting

Unicorn Party Favors

As a little token of your appreciation for attending the event, unicorn party favors are a super fun way to thank your guests at the end of the event. 

Things like little necklaces or rings are great options, as are keychains and other little things.

One non-conventional favor option is a makeover station. 

Things like hair chalk (single use, each girl keeps their own color once it has been used on their hair), glitter gels, and hair beads can all be applied. 

The adults can do makeovers or the kiddos can work on each other, creating the perfect magical unicorn themed look and keeping the products after. 

Balloons and little toys do well. 

Packets of slime, squishies, glow sticks, and other cool little toys are all great options that will bring a lot of joy. 

Some people even offer things like socks or little t-shirts customized for the event or for each guest, though it can get costly. What you do is entirely up to you and customizable. 

Unicorn Toys

Throw a Sleepover

If you want to have a longer event, you can combine multiple different facets of these unicorn 2nd birthday party ideas and create a perfect blend to keep the girls happy and excited all through the night. 

Unicorn themed movies like the Barbie Dreamtopia series and snacks like unicorn popcorn, made with edible glitter and perhaps even some candy melt coating, can be added for even more fun as the night begins to wind down. 

The next morning, before all of the kiddos go home, make some rainbow unicorn pancakes and offer themed drinks like unicorn milk made with flavoring straws or milkshakes. 

A platter of rainbow fruit slices is great, too, and a little less sugary, which the parents may appreciate since you are sending their kids back soon. 

Either way, round out the trip with some tasty breakfast treats to really create the perfect sleepover party event!

Unicorn Sleepover

The Best Unicorn 2nd Birthday Party Ideas Ever​

There are so many super fun unicorn 2nd birthday party ideas out there. 

You can really create something special and memorable for your kiddo’s big day while operating on any budget due to the wide range of DIY projects out there and the cute products and decor pieces available for rounding out the event. 

No matter what you do, it is sure to be a hit!

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