The Best Unicorn Toys for 4 Year Olds

The Best Unicorn Toys for 4 Year Old Kids

Celebrating your little one turning four is a bittersweet moment. While they are still very much your baby, they are also growing into their own person with unique interests and opinions.

If they are like many other kids their age, chances are they enjoy unicorns. Something about the magic and beauty of these mythological beasts really captures the imagination of children everywhere.

Let’s take a look at some of the best unicorn toys for 4 year old kids.

Our Top Picks

With gardening and other similar physical skill-related hobbies on the rise, this super cute Little Growers Fairy Garden Craft Kit is a great gift option that will offer some seriously awesome ongoing fun.

This is a three-step gift.

First, the kiddo gets to paint their own decor pieces, including a fair and unicorn.

Then, they get to place them wherever they want within their own growing space and place their own fairy lights. Second, they get to add in the seeds.

Lastly, they get to care for their plants and watch them grow!

It is a great educational gift that is not boring or overly complicated, allowing the child to enjoy learning while they go about caring for their plants and watching them get bigger and bigger, creating a cute little fairy garden. 

If your four-year-old loves baby dolls, this set of four miniature babies will be a big hit! Each of the babies comes with accessories, including super cute unicorn hoods.

They have movable arms and legs and, when fed with their bottles, will wet their diapers and need a change.

This easy but realistic process helps offer an educational aspect to your child’s play and is especially valuable in those who are considering adding a new baby to the family soon, as it gives the little one an idea of what to expect.

Perfect for use in dollhouses, these toys offer great fine motor play, helping build up milestone skills, too.

Plus, you can bundle the set together with a matching coloring book and create something even more special! 

For the outdoorsy, adventurous child in your life, this super cute unicorn take on a classic tire swing is a fun addition to any outdoor play area.

Made for safety and stability, this is actually an eco-friendly gift, as it uses recycled tires in its processing and manufacturing, saving something that would have otherwise gone to waste.

All of the hardware is rust-resistant and everything is stabilized to allow for safe play for even rambunctious children.

Of course, it is advised that such a toy be used under adult supervision, but it is still incredibly fun and will look adorable on any playset with ts bright, silver design with white accents.

If you want a gift that will really wow, this is the way to go. 

Painting is a super fun activity for kids but can get messy and be a lot to clean up each time they want to paint.

This adorable Paint by Stickers kit has a unicorn theme and is mess-free since it uses cute little stickers to great the design.

Made like a classic paint by numbers, this is a great homeschooling art activity, as it requires comprehension and works to help with learning numbers and following directions. If your kiddo is a little artist, this set will be loved!

Plus, it comes with ten different designs, allowing ten individual sessions, making this a great gift that you can really get your money’s worth from.

Barbie is perhaps one of the biggest names in girls’ toys.

This specific Barbie is the perfect addition to any kid’s collection, especially if they love a little unicorn magic.

With two different headband attachments allowing for the ability to transform Barbie from her classic blonde into a pretty mermaid or magical unicorn, this is a fun playtime accent that will be well-received.

Plus the adorable mermaid and unicorn shirts and accessories work perfectly to complete the look, creating the perfect magical playtime friend that your kiddo will love showing off to their friends.

Plus, the headbands can be used with other Barbies, too, bringing magic to all of the dolls in your little one’s collection. 

Pretend makeup has been a favorite gift for decades. Something about being able to put on makeup like mommy is so appealing to little girls, especially if they are into glitz and glam.

This super sweet unicorn play makeup set is a great option for all of the girly girls out there who love to feel pretty and dressed up.

This is not your typical play makeup set, though, as it does have a little bit of color payoff and is usable.

It is just designed to be skin safe and washable, allowing for playtime without a mess to clean up.

When your little one isn’t playing with their makeup, the entire set swivels into a compact to carry around in a backpack or purse.

It also makes for a super cute display piece since the vibrant unicorn head will pop in any room or vanity setup. 

Magical Gifting

Choosing a gift for a four-year-old can be tricky but any of these options will likely be a massive hit with any unicorn-loving little girl.

From play makeup to Barbies and everything in between, there are tons of different options out there to help suit every single niche interest imaginable.

Whether your child is into minimalism or being full glam all the time, there is a unicorn toy that is the perfect fit for their tastes.

It is just a matter of narrowing down all of the amazing products and making a final choice.

No matter what, your little one will surely love their amazing new special gift.

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