Some of the Best Unicorn Toys for 4 Year Olds

What are Some of the Best Unicorn Toys for 4 Year Olds

Celebrating a four-year-old’s birthday is incredibly fun.

They are at an age where their interests and personalities are flourishing, allowing them to showcase the unique quirks that make them so very special.

Due to this, a lot of parents tend to go all out, leaning into the interests to cultivate them further. That means, if your kiddo loves unicorns, they’re going to probably get a lot of unicorn gifts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best unicorn toys for 4 year olds that your little one will be absolutely delighted to receive for their birthday, Christmas, or any other important event!

Our Top Pick of Unicorn Toys for 4 Year Olds

Blind boxes and mystery toys are super trendy right now.

There is something so fun and special about picking an adorably packaged little surprise without knowing exactly what is inside and opening it.

This Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 Lives Surprise product is a hot choice, with many kids asking for them due to the popularity of YouTubers opening them on their channels.

Designed to look like a tin of cat food, this product opens up to showcase nine individual surprises, including two mini collectible RBUK figures, 6 collectible accessories, and a decorative sticker pack to decorate your mini-playset.

The entire packaging folds out into a multi-tier mini-playset, offering the ability to play as soon as the little one opens it, too.

This is a super fun option for kids who love surprises and like to collect sets like Shopkins or MiniBrands, both of which are hot right now too.

You could even throw several different blind boxes together and gift them at once if you felt like it since they are a very affordable and fun gifting option.

While not technically a toy, this is a gift that has a real value to it. What little girl doesn’t love feeling like a grown-up?

Gifting this pretty little musical ballerina jewelry box will make them feel like an adult and give them a place to hold all of their jewelry and special items.

The cute unicorn motif is fun and pastel.

Once opened, the box plays a cute tune and a little ballerina spins, just like other classic jewelry boxes. The mirror is made of ABS and is shatterproof, making it safer than glass.

The entire internal part of the box is coated with velvet, keeping the jewelry safe and cushioned in a luxe environment.

If you want to give a meaningful gift that will last for years to come, this is the way to go.

If your kiddo loves Barbies and the Barbie Dreamtopia film franchise, this Dreamtopia gift set is worth checking out.

Featuring Chelsea the princess in a heart dress that is absolutely gorgeous and two unicorns with accessories, this set is the perfect addition to any budding Barbie doll collection.

The pink and purple baby unicorns are adorable and fun, offering the opportunity for imaginative play since they come with matching baby bottles.

Your kiddo can have hours of fun pretending to be Chelsea tending to the baby unicorns!

The brand also notes that Chelsea has a hot pink unicorn tiara included and a matching hot pink streak in her hair to tie everything together.

This along with one of the Dreamtopia accessory sets would be the perfect “wow-factor” gift!

If your four-year-old loves American Girl dolls or other popular brands of “larger” dolls, iBayda’s three-piece rainbow unicorn set is a sure winner!

This affordable set is a lot cheaper than Trademarked American Girl or My Generation accessory sets and fits all standard eighteen-inch dolls.

The set includes a shirt, tutu, and headband, creating a complete look.

Even better, you can also easily find a matching set for the birthday girl to wear too, allowing her to match with her favorite doll!

There are other unicorn eighteen-inch doll outfits available, including a unicorn pajama set that is absolutely precious, making it easy to stock up your little one’s unicorn-themed doll wardrobe! 

Kids big and small alike will adore this three-piece rainbow castle play tent set!

Featuring a classic rainbow unicorn castle tent as the base, the attached tunnels and ball pits are a super fun addition that really brings this to the next level.

There is even a basketball goal to work on those fine motor skills and coordination capabilities!

This is an excellent option for pretend play, playdates, and everything else under the sun, as it can provide tons of different imaginative play scenarios.

Additionally, when your little one is done, the tent and pit can be detached from the tunnel, which can be turned into a handy storage bag.

This easy to store product can also be taken apart to use as separate play places, allowing you to accommodate your child as they grow. Each part can be used independently due to the easy connect velcro design.

The brand does note that the balls are not included but you can easily find pastel-colored balls to match the castle play tent set like these online for very affordable rates!

Some people even use the ball pit area as a storage space for their kid’s stuffed animals instead of a ball pit so it is not even required; just if they kid would prefer it it can be added in!

Party-Ready Unicorn Toys for 4 Year Olds

If you ask any soon-to-be four-year-old, turning four is a big deal. 

Finding the perfect present is a great way to spoil them a bit on their special day.

From dolls to ball pits, there are tons of different options out there to suit any preference.

Your kiddo will love any of these magical unicorn gift ideas! 

It’s just a matter of picking which best suits their interests and these are some great unicorn toys for 4 year olds to choose from. Good luck!

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