The Best Unicorn Party Ideas for 1 Year Old Kids

unicorn party ideas for 1 year old

The Best Unicorn Party Ideas for 1 Year Old Kids

Planning your kiddo’s first birthday party is a super fun and exciting occasion.

Still, it can be a bit tricky to figure out what sort of activities kids that young will enjoy, especially if they are going to be in a group.

Fortunately, there are some products and ideas to help you figure out what your kid and their friends will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some of the best unicorn party ideas for 1 year old kids that will be a massive hit with your tiniest guests. 

Our Top Pick of Unicorn Party Ideas For 1 Year Old Kids

If you are looking to go all out for your toddler’s party guests, this Retro Jump unicorn bounce house is a super fun option that offers a lot of different features.

It should be used under parent’s supervision, of course, but when properly set up and with safety measures in place, it can be an amazing time.

Little ones can take turns bouncing on the bounce pad, sliding down the slide, or playing in the ball pit, all while accompanied by two adorable unicorns.

The bounce area is enclosed with mesh to keep the little ones safe and prevent slips and tumbles.

Balls for the ball pit are included with the set, along with stakes, the blower, patches, and a storage bag.

If you have the space for this pint-sized bounce house, you and your kiddos are surely in for quite a treat!

Plus, the pictures of the little ones having a blast will be absolutely priceless. 

If you’d rather have some fun in the sun, this super cute full body unicorn sprinkler from Jasonwell is the perfect addition to your party planning.

Easily inflatable and deflate for use and storage, this sprinkler is a big, central focal point for your party decor that will be an incredible photo opportunity for parents who want to remember your child’s party.

Additionally, the little ones will love splashing and playing in the gentle sprinkler.

If you want a fun activity for the entire group of kids, including older ones, this is a great option that will keep everyone busy for the entire party.

It is perfect for those hot summer days where the weather is just perfect for being outside if you have a place to cool off.

Summer fun is the best fun when you’re little, so this is the best option for those summer BBQ birthday parties!

If you have a smaller group with older kids or are stuck inside, this adorable wooden unicorn puzzle from Melissa and Doug is a fantastic activity that will keep the kiddos busy for a bit.

The high-quality wooden puzzle is bright and fun, featuring bold colors and cute unicorn designs.

Watch as the kiddos work together to fit the wooden unicorns together into the puzzle to create the final precious design.

This is a great group activity that will make for a good memory, especially if you want to get the older siblings involved in the fun.

Plus, your little one can keep the puzzle after the party, adding to their collection of sensory, fine motor, and problem-solving activities.

Melissa and Doug is a leading toy brand focusing on high-quality wooden toys. No matter what you get from them, chances are you will find something amazing.

If you want to go the “Fun in the Sun” route but do not want a plain sprinkler, this adorable splash pad, and sprinkler combo will get the job done perfectly.

With a leaping unicorn right in the center of the pad, this will suit any unicorn themed party perfectly while offering an oasis for summer fun through the party.

Ideal for ages two to seven, this splash pad is great if there are older siblings involved and is regarded as safe for one-year-olds with appropriate supervision through the commenters and customer reviews.

This is a super fun option that is safe due to the shallow nature of the splash pad and sprayers, just be sure an adult is present while the item is in use in case anyone slips and needs comfort.

The brand also recommends enforcing a no running and no pushing rule set, as well, to keep the fun safe for everyone. 

Another one that is great for younger and older kids alike, this bean bag toss is a great option for a mixed-age party since it offers competitive events for the older kids and a fun throwing game for the younger.

Offer prize bags at the end and make sure everyone gets one since the younger kids will not be as well-versed at throwing and aiming as the older; this will make sure it is fair and motivate the kids to all join in.

Adding things like silly rules involving dancing before throwing or spinning around is another fun way to up the excitement on this game, as is incorporating things like water balloons for older playing rounds or having the grownups play too and team up with the little ones! This is a truly great game that is a classic for a good reason.

Adults and kids alike can really enjoy this option, especially outside when it is sunny and comfortable, making this a perfect spring or fall party game option. 

Playtime With These Unicorn Party Ideas for 1 Year Old Kids

Keeping younger kids entertained can be a bit of a tricky task. 

With these super fun activities on your side, you can pull it off any of these unicorn party ideas for 1 year old celebrations!

Whether you are doing a quiet indoor event or a wild summer bash, there are tons of options out there to help you create the perfect, stimulating play environment for kids of all ages, be they one-year-old friends or older siblings and cousins.

Pick out some unicorn games and experiences and let them go! 

They are sure to have an absolute blast!

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