The Best Floating Unicorn Pool Toy Options to Add A Little Magic to Your Summer

Floating Unicorn Pool Toy

The Best Floating Unicorn Pool Toy Options to Add A Little Magic to Your Summer

Summer is coming up and that means one thing: pool time.

There is nothing quite as perfect during the hotter months as laying in the pool all day.

Whether you prefer relaxing on a floatie or playing in the depths, a pool is the perfect hot weather relaxation spot for chill solo trips or fun gatherings, alike.

What better thing to add a little extra magic to your water adventure than a floating unicorn pool toy!

Let’s look at some of the top-rated, most fun options you can find right now on Amazon!

Our Magical Picks

These are some of the top-rated, best products you can find on Amazon.

All of these floating unicorn pool toy options are fantastic, featuring a lot of fun and relaxation for fair prices.

Let’s explore the finer details and figure out which one is right for you!

A classic intertube style float, this fun pool toy is a perfect addition to any pool, regardless of size.

It is compact enough to travel for those who use communal pools or want to take their toys to the beach and is absolutely adorable.

With bright, bold colorations and a majestic mane, this unicorn will be an eye-catching addition to any water event!

The thick, safe material is made to last and is durable to withstand routine play and roughhousing.

Fitted with two separate valves, this product is also very easy to inflate and deflate for easy storage and use.

Suitable for both children and adults alike, this toy is also backed by a money-back guarantee and staffed with an amazing customer service team to help you should your product include any defects or issues.

For the price and quality ratio, this product cannot be beaten!

Add a bit of competition and hand-eye coordination to your summer fun this year with the Bundaloo Unicorn Pool Ring Toss Game.

Easily inflated, this floating ring toss features a rainbow unicorn with matching rings.

Just blow it up, toss it into the water, and let the fun begin!

Designed for all ages, the safe, durable floating toy is great for individual and team play, making it universally a great option, especially if you have a set of competitive siblings or friends who are always ready to compete.

The brand notes that this product is a perfect family game night game and is great for parties and events, as well!

The review section is full of fun game suggestions, too, which helps prevent boredom and increase the playability greatly!

While not a pool toy in the traditional sense, this inflatable sprinkler is so much fun and will add a ton of activity to your pool area!

Great for birthday parties and everyday use, this durable sprinkler will not break or pop during most regular use and is designed for repeated seasonal operation, making it a great low-risk investment.

Additionally, the device can float, allowing it to be placed directly in the pool, where it can act as a fountain.

This feature would be especially fun for pool parties and makes for a great photo opportunity, too!

As a freestanding sprinkler, it is perfect for kids of all ages and is especially loved by younger toddlers who can freely splash in the water while being safe.

If you want something a little smaller, many reviewers claim this bath toy is a big hit with younger kids, especially in splash pools.

As a little light-up unicorn, this toy floats similarly to a rubber ducky and automatically lights-up when it touches water.

It is also easy to clean to prevent the accumulation of mold or debris and is easily sterilized, making it safe for even younger toddlers and infants.

The toy is soft and squeezable, making it suitable for those littles who love smashing and throwing toys, as it will not cause injuries or break easily.

Plus it is absolutely adorable and can be brought inside as a bath toy between pool playtimes, making it a multi-use, affordable option that pays for itself in no time!

Made for grown-ups but still suitable for kids of all ages, this giant float is perfect if you want something comfortable and suitable for multiple people.

The oversized nature allows you to stretch out and the intact bottom keeps you dry if you are more interested in relaxing and floating about than swimming and playing.

The super cute unicorn is durable and designed to hold larger weight limits due to the grown-up design, making it perfect if you have multiple children who like being on the same float at the same time.

Plus, it is just super adorable and comes with a matching floating cup holder for your drinks, as well!

A Bit About Maintenence

It is important to always clean and store your floating unicorn pool toys properly in order to extend their life and ensure you get to use them for multiple seasons and events.

Always store based on the packaging directions and avoid leaving them in the pool after you are done with them since the sun can cause the materials the toy is constructed from to weaken.

If you store your unicorn toys well, they can usually last for quite a while, which is definitely a lot more fun than shelling out every season for brand new toys and floats.

Saving money is definitely a special kind of magic, after all!

Summertime Magic With Unicorn Floats

There is something so close and comforting about spending a day in the pool with the family.

Everything just feels slow and soft and nice. Add a little extra magic to your next pool time excursion with the help of these floating unicorn pool toys.

Your littles are guaranteed to absolutely adore them and you might have a little fun, too!

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