5 Super Cool Unicorn Toys for 7 Year Olds

unicorn toys for 7 year olds

Finding Super Cool Unicorn Toys for 7 Year Olds

Buying gifts for little ones is a super fun activity but can also be a bit overwhelming.

It seems that every year what’s popular changes and that, coupled with what the kid specifically likes, can make for a bit of a tricky shopping for unicorn toys for 7 year olds.

Fortunately, there are some tried and true favorites for your kiddo, especially if they love all things magical and sparkly.

Let’s take a look at five super cool unicorn toys for 7 year olds and find the perfect gift for the kiddo in your life!

Here Are Our Pick of Unicorn Toys for 7 Year Olds...

For 7 year olds, there are obviously tons of amazing gift ideas that they would adore to receive.

Its a super fun age where you can really cater to their unique interests and give something special that they will cherish!

These five items are some of the best of the best that are super popular right now and are generally a good choice for the age bracket.

If you know anything about little girls right now, chances are you know they love slime.

There are entire stores dedicated to various styles and scents of slime, catering to the desire for slimy sensory play that some kids have.

Due to this, you can find slime just about anywhere.

Why not take things up a notch and gift them the ability to make their very own slimes?

This ecoZen Lifestyles kit includes everything a kid could need to create tons of different slimes, including rainbow, fluffy, glitter, floam, and even magnetic options!

This kit guarantees that if your kid follows the directions, they will end up with perfect slime every single time.

They also note that the pigments and ingredients included are non-toxic, safe, and will not stain clothes or leave a residue, making them perfect if you are concerned about messes.

There are even unicorn charms, glitter, mix-ins, and scents included, too, to add to the super unicorn slime fun!

You’ve probably heard of the Mini Brands craze.

Kids literally bought up these plastic balls by Zuru that included five segmented surprise packages filled with tiny plastic versions of popular grocery store items.

Now, the brand has released another line of products catering to this mystery toy desire called Unicorn Squad.

In each ball, your child will find the same five segmented packages as the Mini Brands but instead of tiny groceries, beauty products, and cleaning supplies being found inside, there are five unicorn-themed surprises.

Each pack comes with two balls, totalling out to ten surprises.

In each ball, you will find one unicorn, one unicorn comb, one unicorn poop slime, and some assorted accessories and stickers, adding up to a super fun playtime surprise that can be enjoyed long after the unboxing is done!

Another item that plays into the surprise toy trend, the Rainbocorns Giant Big Bow Surprise Mystery Egg is part of the Rainbocorn empire that takes the entire surprise stuffed toy and accessories experience to an entirely new level.

Featuring over twenty-five surprises including the stuffed toy, this is a massive gift set that any kid would love to receive and crack open!

Parents can choose to receive a random egg or pick one of the two most popular options, the llama and unicorn, for their child to unbox.

Perhaps the coolest part about this toy is that there is just so much to play with.

Even the giant bow adorning the egg itself can be taken off and worn as an accessory or keychain.

This toy is part of a massive collection, so you could even get multiple different versions to increase the chances of your kiddo getting some truly special prizes!

Right now, sensory and fidget toys are all the rage.

With more and more brands creating new ways to play, the classics have to be truly special in order to remain popular.

These super cool YoYa squishy toys are the perfect gift for any kid who likes textured, squeezable toys!

As a three-pack, your child will receive a clear bead unicorn, pink bead unicorn, and rainbow bead unicorn to squeeze, squish, and smash to her heart’s content.

Many users report experiencing a decrease in stress and anxiety when playing with these toys since they use kinetic energy and can actually help improve fine motor skills and control.

All in all, these are a really cute, affordable gift that almost any young girl would love to receive!

As a more controversial toy, this Poopsie Surprise unicorn is still incredibly popular and one of the most requested birthday and Christmas gifts on the market right now.

The super cute unicorn baby has a diaper, tank top, and long wig that is brushable and stylable.

The child can feed the unicorn special unicorn food and it will poop out unicorn poop slime, which can then be played with.

Each set includes a bottle, spoon, collectible glitter keychain, t-shirt, diaper, potty, 4 slime packets, 4 unicorn magic packets, 4 unicorn shimmer packets, 1 unicorn sparkle packet, 1 hairbrush, and 1 measuring cup, along with the unicorn herself, in either a pink or purple color scheme.

While not a toy every parent approves of, if your child or the child you are looking to gift to has permission, this Poopsie toy is definitely worth checking out and would make for a spectacular gift that any little girl would love to receive and show off!

So That Was Our Pick Of Unicorn Toys for 7 Year Olds

Seven is such a fun age where kids really develop personalities, interests, and close bonds with their friends.

At such a special time, picking the perfect gift is a vital part of making the kiddo feel special on their big day.

Any of these unicorn toys for 7 year olds would make for the perfect special surprise that any unicorn-loving little one would certainly love to receive!

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