Six Adorable Newborn Baby Unicorn Outfit Options

newborn baby unicorn outfit

Six Adorable Newborn Baby Unicorn Outfit Options

There is nothing more magical than welcoming a new life into this world.

There’s just something so heartwarming and genuinely pure about a baby being born, be it your own or that of a loved one.

Regardless of your relationship with the child, it can be tempting to buy special little gifts to celebrate and welcome the little one.

Let’s take a look at six adorable newborn baby unicorn outfit options that any new parent will absolutely adore!

Our Newborn Baby Unicorn Outfit Top Picks

These six options are just a small sampling of newborn outfits that are absolutely adorable and very high quality.

All of these were chosen due to their high quality, customer reviews, aesthetic appeal, and a handful of other factors.

They are what we believe to be the best of the best and absolutely perfect for any newborn or new baby gift!

If you are looking for something warm, soft, and comfortable for the little one, this Fiomva Long Sleeved Onesie is a fantastic choice that provides the same level of warmth of a blanket with precious unicorn design.

The cotton blend is very soft and will not irritate a newborn’s sensitive skin and the zipper closure allows easy removal for diaper changes or outfit switches.

The super cute outfit has a three-dimensional horn attachment that is an eyecatching golden metallic print and the precious little ears on the hood add a focal point that wandering little hands will love to reach for to get some sensory input.

For the price, this little outfit is a fantastic choice that will suit both giftings and having on hand for your own child perfectly.

For those looking for a photography session outfit, this M&G option is too precious to pass up.

The soft, crochet design is not going to irritate the child’s sensitive, newborn skin but is still durable enough to handle cleanings and use.

The diaper cover has an adorable yard rainbow tail and the hat matches with a cute unicorn face and horn plus two freestanding ears.

This outfit makes for a perfect photoshoot outfit, especially if you want to go all out with a unicorn theme featuring props that will complement the overall dramatics of this little set.

This style of newborn photography outfit is incredibly trendy and is used in a wide variety of styles, suiting different holidays and themes.

If you are searching for the perfect photoshoot outfit, this just might be it, especially if you want something a little magical to celebrate your little one!

Made of cotton blend and tulle, this ultra-soft two-piece outfit is perfect for newborns and looks absolutely precious as a going home outfit or for photos.

It features the super popular eyelash unicorn pattern that is incredibly trendy right now and seemingly popping up everywhere and has a precious style tutu skirt to complete the look.

This onesie can be worn by itself, with leggings or pants, or with the skirt to suit any weather and does well with layering.

It is also available in two colors, pink and white, to suit bright and more neutral color preferences and allow for outfit customization and versatility.

For the price, this is a fantastic outfit that will likely get a lot of wear and be a massive hit if gifted!

Plus, it is available in a ton of size options so if the parents love it they can always repurchase it as the little one grows!

Made of one hundred percent cotton with easy snap closures, this classic romper two-pack is a great basic option for those looking to add a little magic into their everyday lives.

The easy to wear unicorn piece has a super sweet all-over print on a light pink background and is accompanied by an equally adorable darker heart and love printed piece.

The cap sleeves and tiny ruffled details add a little extra flair to the design, as does the adorable cinched leg holes, which create an almost balloon romper-like effect.

Best of all, if you like this style of this romper, Carter’s also offers a ton of other designs including two other unicorn styles and a precious dinosaur option!

If you want to follow the “grown-up outfit” trend, this is a super cute way to do it while still throwing in some of the “little kid” magic that makes so many classic kid outfits so fun.

Right now, adult color schemes and themes are super on-trend, including black and white or leopard print. This set is a black and white motif but features a precious all over unicorn design to keep everything young and fresh.

The included leggings and bow headband complete the look, providing a full, cohesive outfit in one set that will look great for any event or photo session or even just for everyday wear!

Plus since the design is so understated, you can easily match the rest of the family’s outfits to it, creating the perfect group photo opportunity that will look stunning and polished!

If pastels aren’t your thing, this HeMarisle Onesie/Sleeper is a great option with a real color pop punch.

The bold, bright blue suits the pretty unicorn print perfectly and the piece is made of a very soft, easy to clean and has easy to button closures.

This is a great little warm sleeper that is still breathable and makes for a great travel outfit since diaper changes are easy and your child will feel comfortable in this piece for long periods of time.

This style is also available in several other prints, most of which go up to sizes that fit an average two-year-old, allowing you to pick up matching outfits for your older children, too.

The snowflake print would make for a precious family group photo outfit for Christmas morning, too!

Newborn Baby Unicorn Outfit With A Little Magic

If you want to give a little extra magic to your newborn, these six options are great and make for perfect gifts or baby preparation outfits!

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