Perfect Decor Pieces for Unicorn Rooms for Girls

unicorn rooms for girls

Perfect Decor Pieces for Unicorn Rooms for Girls

Your room is your safe haven. 

It is a place that is meant to be completely yours and perfectly suit exactly what you need to relax and enjoy your downtime.

For some people, the perfect venue for ultimate relaxation includes magic and unicorns.

There are so many unicorn decor options out there so let’s take a look at some of the most perfect decor pieces for unicorn rooms for girls!

Our Top Pick of Decor Items for Unicorn Rooms for Girls

Finding a high-quality canvas print online can be tricky.

A lot of the affordable listings you see are the canvas alone without the stretched frame included.

This means once you get the piece you will either have to frame it in a traditional frame or buy a canvas frame and stretch it yourself unless you want to have to go to a specialist to have it professionally set up.

Ones with frames included are usually more expensive since they are harder to ship and have to be stretched by hand in most cases.

Something Unicorn, a brand that produces tons of adorable unicorn themed decor pieces and accessories, solved this problem by offering adorable framed unicorn art at an affordable price.

This set of three watercolor-style paintings featuring gold glitter will look perfect in all unicorn rooms for girls! 

With hair bows being all the rage for younger girls right now thanks to the likes of JoJo Siwa and other influencers, it can get a bit disorganized and overwhelming to keep track of all of your kiddo’s ribbons and accessories, especially if they are into collecting and growing their collection.

Basumee caters to the unicorn-loving, bow-wearing child with their adorable unicorn bow holder.

Available in five color schemes, from pastel to neon, this adorable decor piece is affordable and functional, offering storage for clips and bows on the long mane.

This is the perfect magical display for all of your little one’s clips and barrettes, offering a cute place to show them off while keeping them organized.

Plus, if the unicorn’s mane becomes tangled due to use, you can easily brush it back out with a wide-tooth comb due to the durable nature of the materials used. 

Designed as an accent piece for the organization of a kid’s room, this large storage basket from QUEENLALA is a great option for laundry or toy storage.

It is available in a wide range of prints and patterns, including several unicorn ones to suit a white range of themes.

The lightweight linen material is easy to move around and lined with waterproof PE on the inside to make it suitable for use with clothing and towels.

Additionally, this item can be easily folded up for storage, allowing it to be stowed away when not in use.

The brand also notes that you can even use it as a shopping bag!

Sequin flip products have been trendy for quite some time now. This has lead to many products being created following the fun design.

These Merrycolor Unicorn Throw Pillow Covers are a great, affordable away to dress up a space, especially of you already have throw pillows you can pop inside.

The brand does note that the pillow covers are not pre-filled, meaning you will need your own throw pillow to go inside or a pillow insert.

Regardless, these cute pillows are perfect if you want something bright, fun, and interactive. Suitable for all unicorn rooms for girls.

Currently, you can find this design in four different colors, blue, purple, light pink, and silver, making it a great accent piece or to blend with a pre-existing color scheme. 

For seating, finding items to fit the unicorn theme can be a bit difficult.

That being said, this super cute unicorn bean bag is an amazing option that is soft, comfortable, and super fun! It feels like a big stuffed animal and looks super cute sitting in your child’s room.

This item works a little differently than a traditional beanbag, as it is actually a storage device.

You fill it by placing all of your child’s stuffed toys inside, storing them until your kiddo wants them out.

Then, they can just open the bag and find the ones they want to play with, then put them back in once they are done, keeping the room clutter and mess-free while offering a comfortable seating option.

There are other designs too, aside from the unicorn, some of which are unisex for a boy’s room, too!

For a more sophisticated feel, this unicorn head wall mount is a fantastic choice that offers a bit of minimalist magical flair.

It is made of resin mixed with real crushed stone for a luxurious design and feel, creating the elegance that is perfect for a princess’s room.

Additionally, it is available in three colors, white, black, and a stunning metallic antique copper, allowing it to act as a neutral accent or bold pop of color.

This item is also ready to hang due to the addition of a keyhole hanger on the back of the piece, allowing you to easily pop it onto the wall as soon as you get it.

If you want something truly special and visually striking for your kiddo’s room or playroom, this is an amazing option that will definitely turn heads. 

Unicorn Rooms for Girls Make The Perfect Magical Space

A bedroom is a personal space that can easily be customized to suit the occupant’s interests.

If your kiddo loves unicorns, there are tons of amazing decor options out there to create an absolutely perfect magical unicorn kingdom right at home.

From wall hangs to bedding and dresser pulls, you can find absolutely anything in a unicorn theme or similar color scheme, making decorating easy and fun for everyone involved!

Your little princess will love their new magical unicorn room!

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