The Cutest My First Birthday Unicorn Outfit Options Ever

My First Birthday Unicorn Outfit

Your little one’s first birthday is an incredibly important milestone. 

In just three hundred and sixty five days they have done an amazing amount of growing and gone from precious little newborns to independent infants. 

Chances are they are quite the little person, offering up sass and personality. 

This is truly a milestone worth celebrating. 

To help make your little one’s day a bit more magical, let’s look at some of the cutest my first birthday unicorn outfit options and find the perfect big day outfit!

The Best My First Birthday Unicorn Outfit Options

For your kiddo’s very first birthday, you obviously want something entirely fun, new, and cute. 

You want them to feel like the little princess that they are and look fabulous for the ten thousand photos you will inevitably be snapping. 

We selected these super cute outfits to help make your little one’s day absolutely perfect. 

Each was chosen based on its quality, price, and overall reviews, as well as the appearance of the design. 

Let’s get into the best my first birthday unicorn outfit products that we can’t get enough of!

This Perfect Pairz Store set is a super cute outfit that comes in a wide range of color options, including the attached hot pink with gold foil polka dots motif. 

These are some of the cutest my first birthday unicorn outfit options if you want a sweet onesie and tutu option that includes a picture perfect metallic unicorn headpiece complete with the horn and ears. 

This set is comfortable, providing a good amount of stretch per the customer reviews and since the tutu is removable, it is perfect for even the most mobile and active kiddos.

If you want options, this TTYAOVO 4 piece set is a great option. 

Providing tons of different pastel unicorn styles, along with other pieces with and without unicorn designs, this set is adorable and absolutely fabulous. 

The tutu style skirt has a ton of poof and volume and the onesie is precious, especially the options with the attached three dimensional flowers on the onesie and headband. 

This is a great matching outfit that suits a wide range of party themes and is amazing for a comfy and cute my first birthday unicorn outfit.

If you like small details, this is the my first birthday unicorn outfit for you. 

Depending on which style you choose, the accessories do vary but with the unicorn full set, you get the onesie, tutu, headpiece, leg covers, and matching unicorn shoes. 

This provides the full outfit all in one go, making getting your little one fully dressed for their party easier than ever before. 

Plus, all of the pieces can be worn individually separately at a later date, making this a piece that can be used even after the party is over, especially with the shoes. 

This is the perfect no muss, no fuss option that will make getting ready for the big day an absolute breeze.

Another option that includes the shoes, this super cute outfit is perfect for those who want something fluffy, bright, and easy to style without being too over the top.

Designed with your child’s comfort in midland, this outfit features a less intense tutu and cute unicorn headband with accent golden glitter shoes. 

Together, this creates a fun complete look that is perfect for smash cake photos and other party moments. 

There are also other shoe options, including one with little unicorn faces, another that has pink glitter, and more! 

You can find a super cute outfit easily here within the more than twenty different options IBTOM CASTLE offers in this set!

If you want a no frills, no fuss my first birthday unicorn outfit, this OBEEII romper is perfect. 

A very affordable option, this onesie does not come with a tutu or anything else, instead offering you the ability to make a simple outfit or opt for something a little more extravagant through DIY. 

For example, tutus with string lights added are very popular right now due to their magical appearance. 

Some people also go for a more classic layered look during colder months to help keep the tot warm, too, skipping the skirt all together for some warm pants and a layered jacket. 

If you want something simple, no matter the reason, this outfit is an excellent choice that comes in tons of colors, styles, and prints to suit any preference.

If full on unicorn prints are not your thing, this outfit from Samoy is offered in a ton of different colors and styles to suit any unicorn themed event without being plastered with unicorn prints itself. 

The black option is a super cute alternative to the typical pastel birthday outfit and features contrasting gold glitter and lots of fun details to create a full look. 

The leg warmers with golden hearts are a nice touch, as is the matching gold bow on the headband and waistband of the tutu. 

This is an absolutely adorable outfit that, while not covered in unicorns, is worth considering for your kiddo’s my first birthday unicorn outfit for their magical day!

An Important Event

Your little one’s first birthday is a very big deal. 

They only turn one once and since it is such an important milestone, it makes sense that you would want to find the perfect outfit for them to wear while celebrating. 

Any of these super fun my first birthday unicorn outfit options would be an adorable addition to your kiddo’s big day, whether they like big fluffy tutus or something a little more lowkey. 

The options are endless!

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