5 Interesting Unicorn Party Fillers Your Guests Will Love

unicorn party fillers

5 Interesting Unicorn Party Fillers Your Guests Will Love

A unicorn party is a special affair on its own but when things are beginning to wind down and everyone is preparing to leave, sending your guests off with a little extra treat as a thank you for celebrating your kiddo’s big day can really make the party a bit more memorable.

Party favors do not have to be overly fancy or intricate, especially if you are celebrating with a bunch of younger kids.

Let’s take a look at five interesting and affordable unicorn party fillers for your favor table that your guests will absolutely love!

Our Top Picks

There are hundreds of different adorable party filler and favor options out there that would be an amazing addition to your little one’s big day.

We selected these products for a host of different criteria facets, including price, customer reviews, fun, and popularity, among other things.

We believe all five of these products would be a super fun gift for your guests and think they’d love to receive and enjoy each piece.

Let’s take a closer look at these five products and figure out which best suits your child’s unique party theme!

There’s no denying that parties with a lot of guests can get really expensive, really quickly.

This is especially true if you are inviting your child’s entire class or another large group.

Fortunately, this super cute unicorn multi-point pencil set includes enough to cover most larger guest lists and is affordable enough to allow for doubling up as needed.

Each pack of pencils includes twenty-four individual multi-point pencils with unicorn-themed toppers.

The star-shaped caps have different design decals on them, including things like unicorns, stars, rainbows, and ice cream cones, making them a good option for boys and girls alike and perfectly suitable for classroom parties.

Plus, they are a functional gift since they are technically school supplies and stationery, which is something every child uses regularly. 

Another great bulk buying option, these Party Avenue Unicorn Party Sunglasses are a great gift that can be used regularly.

The sassy unicorn design is super cute and glittery, adding a little extra flair to a basic pair of sunglasses.

The twelve-piece set includes six blue and six pink glasses, catering to a wide range of color and style preferences.

Despite being very affordable, these are actually decent quality glasses that can handle being played with and worn by younger kids who might be a bit rougher on them, making for a perfectly functional and fun gift.

Plus, the nose bridge area of the classes are rainbows complete with little plastic clouds and the base, making for an impossibly cute design that absolutely any little girl would adore to have in her accessory collection!

A little bit non-traditional, this eighteen count rainbow unicorn horn jumbo sidewalk chalk kit would be a great favor for any summertime or outdoor unicorn party!

The chalk is very pigmented and easy to use, making it perfect for any little artist out there who loves to use the world as their canvas.

The adorable unicorn horn themed design is unique and absolutely adorable, especially the metallic golden coated one!

Each child could be given a piece of chalk and let loose to create their own art and then take home their drawing utensil when the party is over, perhaps along with a few pieces of candy or some small extra gift to round it all out.

This is a favor that doubles as a party activity, which will be a massive hit with all of the kiddos and a super fun event to keep them occupied between the cake and presents!

If you want to go the accessories route, these light-up unicorn rings are a fantastic choice that will be a highlight of the event.

The super cute unicorn head print is perfect for kids and adults alike and is amplified by the light-up function.

Watch the kids dance and have fun as their rings light up the venue!

Available in three colors, the guests can choose between pink, purple, and blue rings, all of which feature the light-up capability.

Each pack comes with four of each color, totaling up to twelve rings for one low price, making this another great bulk option for larger events!

This is also great for classroom parties since even the toughest boys will love having a neat light-up toy to play with.

All in all, this is a great universal favor that will hit a lot of interests and age ranges, making for the perfect little gift as your guests prepare to depart. 

Another affordable bulk buys, this is the perfect gift for mixed-gender parties since every kid loves a spring toy.

This set includes twelve unicorn-themed spring toys that are delightful and will be a welcome little treat for any kiddo.

There are three different colors, including purple, pink, and white and green.

Each toy is bouncy and super fun, making for the perfect party favor that the kids can play with, trade, and bring home to enjoy for playtimes to come.

They are made of kid-safe plastic and are tested to ensure they are safe and able to withstand a lot of intense playtimes, making them a durable little treat that can stand up to even rougher playing.

If you want something gender neutral that will be lots of fun, this is definitely the way to go. 

Magical Parting Gift

Thanking your guests for coming is a great way to ensure they remember the event and have a great time.

You do not have to break the bank to show gratitude; just give them one of these affordable, super cute party filler gifts and you’re all set!

Plus they’ll have loads of fun with their new special little treat!

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