Five Unicorn Toys for 3 Year Olds

Unicorn Toys For 3 Year Olds

Five Unicorn Toys for 3 Year Olds

While great for people of any age, unicorn gifts really seem to wow the younger crowd.

Three-year-olds, especially, tend to adore magical creatures, as they are starting to develop their own interests and preferences.

At that age, magic is very real and unicorns are part of so many stories so it makes sense that three-year-old littles would be enamored with them!

Let’s take a look at five of the best unicorn toys for three-year-olds.

Our Top Picks

We have selected these five toys because they seem interesting for a child of three, have great reviews, are moderately priced, and seem to be of high quality.

While there are obviously many other amazing products out there, these five really shine when compared across the board.

Let’s explore their details and figure out which is right your you!

If your little one loves to play pretend, this Playz Unicorn Tent will be a surefire hit!

Durably designed with easy installation and storage options, this tent features a fun unicorn motif and cute windows, as well as some bonus fame features to add even more fun. Including Unicorn Candy Board Game, Unicorn Ring Toss, Tic Tac Toe and What’s Your Unicorn Name?

Badges in the design, this is a toy that can grow with your little one and provide years of fun.

It is especially good for multiple children, as they can all play together and create their own imaginary world within their tent castle.

Plus, it is easy to clean due to its durable fiberglass construction and is reinforced to prevent tears and cracking!

As one of the most popular toys for younger kids, hoppers are super fun and help to build balancing and coordination skills in a safe and exhilarating way.

This iPlay, iLearn Unicorn Hopper is a luxe version, featuring a soft, fuzzy coating akin to a plush stuffed animal while still being easy to bounce and play on.

The carefully crafted design and sturdy legs prevent tipping, keeping your little one safe while they bounce.

The brand also includes an air pump and patches for any holes, should they somehow happen with the durable lining, and note that the piece is easy to clean and store as needed, making it perfect for travel fun in hotels or other venues where space may be limited!

Plus, it is super cute and the eye-catching colors will fit in with any unicorn themed bedroom, too!

Intended for ages one and up, this may seem like a bit of a young toy for a three-year-old but hear us out.

There are more and more cases of fine motor delays being reported and having something like this is a great way to help keep your little one on top of their developmental goals.

There are tons of games you can play with a stacking ring, from traditional stacking to more challenging things like ring toss or rule-following activities to prepare kids for school, so this is definitely a good thing to have on hand, especially if you are encouraging play between your three-year-old and a younger sibling.

The pretty colors and cute unicorn topper are great additions and add a bit of flair to the piece.

Its solid wood construction is safe, as well, and will last for years if taken care of properly.

This piece from Orcamor is a perfect gift for any kids ages three and below and is fantastic for those taking a Montessori route to childcare, too!

Designed to grow with your little one, this three in one toy is a great gift for any of the younger age brackets and can be adjusted to suit individual playing preferences.

Initially, the toy acts as a walker or wagon, allowing your kid to strengthen their muscles and be pulled about for intuitive playing.

Then, it transitions into a ride-on toy for younger kids learning to push themselves along.

Lastly, it becomes a full scooter, letting your little one zip around!

The cute pastel design is super fun and the durable plastic can handle all of the toppling and crashing that comes with such a toy, ensuring it will be around for years to come.

This product can be gifted to a younger child for growing purposes or a three-year-old to use as a safe scooter.

It is especially great for those with multiple children in different age brackets, as they can practice sharing and use the toy together, as well as apart, making it perfect for bonding and individual playtime!

As a classic toy, we all know that pogo sticks can be rather dangerous despite being incredibly fun.

Due to this, many parents opt to no longer purchase them, as broken bones and other injuries happen all too frequently.

Fortunately, Flybar developed a model that is safe and designed to present all of the flying fun of a pogo stick without the potential danger.

This foam model stands still, preventing toppling, and allows your child to bounce in place.

Designed for ages three and up, this model specifically has a unicorn attachment and pretty pastel theme to suit any little princess looking for a bit of adventure.

As an affordable toy that is available in a host of different colors and prints, this is a great gift for any kid with any interest, too!

Plus, the durable design allows you to adjust the height to suit your child as they grow, as well, extending the use of the product.

More Unicorn Magic

If you are looking to add a bit of magic into your three-year old’s gift, these fun, fancy unicorn options are all definitely worth considering!

Any little girl or boy interested in unicorns and magic would love the chance to play with these, especially if they have a sense of adventure and want something outside of the typical stuffed animal and glitter realm.

Read over the reviews and give one a shot!

Your kid just might have a new favorite!

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