Five Super Cute Unicorn Dress Options for Adults

Five Super Cute Unicorn Dress Options for Adults

Five Super Cute Unicorn Dress Options for Adults

Who says magic has to just be for kids?

Adults are often forced to conform to some rather boring clothing norms, leading to drab outfits and a lack of expression.

If magic and mysticism are more your style, these five super cute unicorn dress options for adults will be the perfect new addition to your wardrobe!

Our Top Picks

These five dresses are our favorite picks.

We selected them due to their high-quality construction, good customer reviews, and appealing features.

Let’s take a closer look at each and figure out which one (or few) will fit perfectly into your closet!

With over one hundred and fifty ratings totaling up to nearly five stars, this well-made, soft dress is perfect if you are wanting something casual and comfortable while still being extremely cute.

The fun, bold print really pops on the black background and the overall flattering cut of the cloth will suit many different body types.

The dress itself is constructed of a no face polyester and cotton blend and features lined pockets, which is certainly always a plus in any dress!

Perfect for a wide variety of events, this fantastic Alisister dress is easy to style and designed with a modest neckline, making it a great option for teachers or others who work with younger children or want something magical but still lowkey.

The brand also notes that this dress is great as a swimsuit cover or for the beach, as well, and remains comfortable and breathable even in hot weather.

Plus, if you love the way this dress fits there are tons of other designs, ranging from pineapples and basic patterns to neon leaves and holiday themes!

With a price that almost seems too good to be true, this Fancyqube dress is a great option for those looking for a unicorn dress for a singular event or as a regular piece, alike.

Made of polyester and spandex, this dress is stretchy and flattering and pairs well with leggings, cardigans, and a wide range of accessories to create a complete look in a flash.

The galaxy print is eye-catching on its own but is further amplified by the neon outlined unicorns that dot the surface of the dress, creating a massively attractive and visually stunning pattern that is wild and fun without being overly busy.

There are also several other alternate prints that are equally intense, including a fun leopard and floral piece that would be great if you like the fit and material of this dress. For the price alone, this might be one worth stocking up.

What better to accompany the magic of a unicorn print than a sassy, fun retro cut?

This Hanpciers dress pairs the two perfectly, featuring unicorns prominently on the rainbow print, which is placed on a rich, black base to really give those colors a little extra punch.

The cap sleeves and sweet, rounded neckline throwback to dress styles of the 1950s and create a very flattering silhouette for smaller and plus sizes across the board.

The dress is constructed of a cotton and spandex blend to give breathability and stretch to the piece, allowing you to be comfortable and move freely.

Even further enhanced by the addition of deep, lined pockets, the dress is as functional as it is cute! Plus, the alternate prints are all equally as fun and enticing, offering a ton of different options if you want to switch things up, including a line of basic and neutral colors for more lowkey looks!

Available in two different unicorn prints and two different cuts featuring sleeves or tank top style straps, this dress is great if you want to try a few different styles before settling on a single dress.

The rich colorations and bright patterns are super easy to create a statement look with and pair well with neutral leggings for complete looks.

A favorite with teachers and event leaders, this dress is breezy and comfortable, allowing you to move about freely and comfortably with no worries about clingy fabric or pinching waistlines thanks to the polyester and spandex blend used to construct the piece.

There is a wide range of sizing options available to suit small to extra large body types and you can find tons of other fun prints, ranging from plants to dinosaurs and everything in between.

From the trusted and well known Rubie’s Costume brand, this unicorn tutu dress is a super fun piece if you want something a little less functional and a little more “wow factor”.

Designed to be an over the top homage to all things magical and unicorn, this costume style dress features a fluffy, cotton candy-colored tutu with a corset-style top, tons of glitter, and a cute unicorn horn headpiece.

While not the most wearable for most people’s everyday life, if you want something really bold and intense for an event, this pastel-colored number will definitely do the trick.

A little note, though, there are some reports of the dress being a bit warm and stiff, so you may want to plan accessories accordingly and break the corset top in a bit before the actual event to ensure you are comfortable and ready for the entire event!

All in all, though, this is a fantastic piece for the price that caters to small, medium, and large sizing options with a secondary plus size dress available from the brand as an alternative.

Forever Magical Unicorns

Whether you want the dress for yourself or to add a little magic to your kiddo’s event, a unicorn dress is such a fun, bright way to add something a little extra special to your wardrobe.

Whether you opt for something lowkey or go full glitter mode with a costume like the one from Rubie’s, you are sure to delight everyone you encounter, including yourself.

There is something truly magical about wearing something bold and fun. Give it a try!

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