Five Super Cool Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old Kids

unicorn toys for 5 year old

Five Super Cool Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old Kids

Celebrating your little one turning five is a massive occasion worthy of a huge, super fun celebration.

What better way to really make the occasion extra special than to find the perfect gift to go along with all of the special fun and love they are receiving on their big day?

Here are 5 super cool unicorn toys for 5 year old kids that any birthday princess would love to receive!

Our Top Pick Of Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old Kids

At the age of five, kids usually have their own unique interests and preferences.

We tried to keep this in mind while selecting these five products and made an effort to ensure they are diverse and hit a lot of interests.

Many also feature developmental aspects, like fine motor skill enhancement, and were selected due to a host of different factors, including fun, price, and customer reviews, among other facets of the product’s design.

Let’s explore what makes each of these products such good candidates for your five-year-old princess!

If your little one is absolutely unicorn obsessed and has everything under the sun, this amazing gift set will likely provide delight and some fun new things she does not yet own.

Featuring several different individual items, this set covers all of the little girl bases: educational, fun, colorful, and creative!

With this set, you will receive a unicorn book, stuffed animal, and headband.

The super-soft stuffed unicorn is designed to match the adorable headband and the design of the book, creating a unique, thoughtful gifting experience.

The book follows a little girl’s imaginative venture as a unicorn, where she explores all of the things she’d do if she were the mythical creature for a day.

All in all, this is a well thought out set that will be welcome in any party and a great addition to any child’s bookshelf and playroom.

Plus, the headband will look super cute in photos!

With gardening becoming super trendy lately, this unicorn gardening kit will help your kiddo create their own special, magical space.

Watching plants grow can be an exciting venture for children that is educational and allows them to begin to understand the correlation between hard work and fruitful rewards, which is a life lesson that will prove valuable.

Following the recent surge of interest in STEM toys and activities for kids of all ages, this kit includes a STEM guide called, “I Can Grow a Garden”, a handy tool belt, gloves, a unicorn watering can, a shovel, a rake, and a trowel.

All of these can be used to create their own garden space and help teach them the value of putting in the effort to create beautiful things.

Bonus points if you get them some unicorn garden decor or pretty flower seeds to accompany the gift!

This gift is spectacular and carries quite the hefty interpersonal meaning, which is absolutely priceless.

A super fun DIY kit, this Happytime Snap Pop Beads set is perfect for the creative little ones who love making and designing things.

This set allows kiddos to create their own jewelry that they can wear or share, helping spark their imagination and ingenuity!

With all different shapes and sizes represented in the bead options, this kit is fantastic for sensory expanding and fine motor work, as it provides self-regulating activity with many small parts.

Even better, this set actually does not include any string, which could pose a choking hazard.

The Snap Pop Beads snap together via a closure system, negating the need for any sort of string or ribbon.

This also means your little one can take apart their creations and make new jewelry again and again!

It even comes with a super cute unicorn gift bag to help keep everything stored in one place, too!

Designed as a “pet care toy”, as detailed by the brand, the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets is a precious little set that features a lot of different activities all in one adorable kit.

In total, the set includes four plastic pets designed to be a yeti, a unicorn, a narwhal, and a dragon, along with a sparkly bathtub, a full-color standing playmat that can be colored, erased, and colored again, a scrub brush, and nine washable markers, along with an instruction sheet.

Kids can color all over their little animal friends then use the bathtub and scrub brush to clean their pets up and draw all over again, providing hours of super fun, creative play!

Plus, you can find additional expansion packs with other creatures and bathtub designs separately, allowing your kiddo to collect a full zoo of mythical creatures and animal friends!

Plus, this product is backed by Crayola’s brand promise, meaning it is guaranteed to be high quality and safe for children to use freely!

According to reviews, even some adults love getting in on the fun with this toy, so these are not just unicorn toys for 5 year old kids…you just might end up loving it, too! 😉

At the age of five, children are beginning to attend school and learn to read, write, and draw.

Further this and show your support for their education with this super cute NIMU Unicorn Stationery Set.

Featuring an adorable lockable secret diary, portable flip notebook, two pom pom topped pens, and a matching pencil case, this set is amazing and will be perfect for any kiddo who likes to doodle or keep track of things.

The locked book will help them feel like a grown-up, even if the lock is not 100% foolproof and the pens are adorable and super fun!

This is a solid gift set for the price that will provide a lot of fun and enrichment, helping keep your child interested in learning. Even older kids love this set!

Magical Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old Kids

Regardless of what you end up deciding on, the celebration for a five-year-old’s birthday is always a super fun event.

Chances are, they’ll adore any of these great unicorn toys for 5 year old kids!

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