Five Options for a Unicorn Soft Toy Big Enough To Blow Any Magic Lover’s Mind

Unicorn Soft Toy Big

Five Options for a Unicorn Soft Toy Big Enough To Blow Any Magic Lover’s Mind

There are a lot of ways to go about finding a wow-factor gift.

Glitter, glitz, and glam will all wow a child but sometimes you really just want to go completely over the top.

What better way to find the perfect, max-factor gift than to seek out a supersized option?

Let’s take a look at five options for a unicorn soft toy big enough to really blow your kiddo’s socks off!

Our Top Picks

All of these products were chosen for a mix of their qualities, including customer reviews, price, uniqueness, quality, specifications, and several other factors.

There are, of course, many more amazing options available but these five are what we believe to be the absolute best of the best that any unicorn lover will adore!

As one of the largest options available, this ultra big, plush unicorn is guaranteed to really amaze any unicorn lover.

At thirty-one and a half inches in length, this sweet, sleeping option is incredibly cuddly and absolutely massive, ensuring super fun reactions from all involved.

For the price, the craftsmanship is on point, as they have taken steps to create softened seams in an effort to prevent loose threads and tearing.

It is also made to prevent deforming, as the internal stuffing is designed to withstand squeezing and squishing without concerns for damaging the shape or bulk of the piece.

So big that it can even be used as a pillow or backrest, this is even a great gift for adults who want a bit of magic in their life in a cute but practical way!

All around, this is certainly one of the best unicorn stuffed animals in general on the market today!

Plus, there are several different styles and color options, including one in a party dress that just screams “birthday gift”, and sizing options to allow you to still get a really amazing stuffie even if over thirty inches is too big, making it a fantastic universal gift option.

A bit of a different general design that many other larger stuffed unicorns, this GUND product takes a more classic, majestic approach.

Less focused on large-eyed, baby unicorn cuteness that is trendy right now and more on the magical, regal aspects of unicorn lore, this product is great for older kids who maybe want something to accompany dolls or other toys.

The standing position makes this option great for pretend play and looks nice for a display option, too.

The thirteen-inch toy comes in three colors, Bluebell Purple, Lily Rose, and Starflower Pink, all of which are bright and enticing.

Despite the sparkling accents and enlarged horn, this toy is machine washable, making cleanup for all of those magical messes a breeze, too!

Plus, the surface is easily wiped clean for touch-ups in between washes, meaning your unicorn will always look fresh and clean!

Another extremely large option, this Flopsie unicorn is over two feet long, twenty seven inches, to be exact, and is absolutely precious.

Super soft and cuddly, this unicorn is made for snuggling and has reinforced seams and stitching to ensure it lasts for years to come, even with the roughest of cuddlers.

For safety, this product also contains washer locked eyes to ensure a lowered choking hazard risk and bagged stuffing to prevent any messes if the seams do fail.

Even more interesting, you can actually get this product as a “mommy and me” duo, with a large and small mom and baby unicorn toy pair.

The sparkles woven into the tail and mane will not fade or fall out, either, ensuring the product comes out of the washing machine just as magical-looking as it went in, too.

All around, this is a very high-quality product that will bring quite a bit of joy to the unicorn lover in your life.

At eighteen inches long, this toy is large without being absolutely overbearing, making it a good choice for those who want to give an amazing, high reaction gift without intruding on smaller spaces too much.

The soft, cuddly unicorn is extra fuzzy and warm, making it perfect for cuddling.

The brand added a nice touch in the velvet hooves, contrasting to the longer fur on the rest of the unicorn’s body.

The slight glittery appearance in accent areas and pretty horn look amazing with the overall simplistic design, as well.

If you want a large but affordable unicorn, this product is almost definitely a great fit for you.

It is large, adorable, and quite cost-effective considering the price and quality compared to similar products!

Plus for a bit more you can order it as a gift bundle with a reversible sequin unicorn throw pillow, too, which certainly adds even more magic to an already amazing gift!

Available in sizes as small as a keychain to as big as sixteen inches, the Kellytoy Squishmallow unicorn is a fantastic option for all gifting needs.

As one of the hottest lines of plush toys right now, Squishmallows are incredibly soft and have a unique, marshmallow-like shape that is absolutely adorable and not as in your face as other designs, making them perfect for use as accent pillows when not being played with.

You can even have this one customized with your child’s name on the stomach area for a little extra money and order it in giftsets with other Squishmallow toys!

Other color options are also available, including a purple unicorn, white unicorn, grey unicorn, several different variations of tie-dye unicorns, and other animals like cat-icorns and dog-icorns, too!

You can find a whole collection within the Squishmallow family!

Massive Unicorn Fun

If you want a big, wow-factor gift for your little one or a friend, these five options are definitely worth considering.

With their high-quality designs and adorable appearance, you simply cannot go wrong!

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