Five of the Cutest Unicorn Tea Party Set Options

Unicorn Tea Party Set

Five of the Cutest Unicorn Tea Party Set Options

What could be more magical than a fancy tea party with a unicorn in attendance?

Literally nothing, if you ask me.

While this is not necessarily possible in itself, fortunately, there are tons of unicorn tea party sets out there that can help take your little one’s next big event a little closer to the unicorn party of their dreams!

Let’s take a look at five of the best unicorn tea party set options your little one will certainly absolutely adore!

Our Top Picks

If you are wanting to find something extra magical, these five options all have quality reviews, amazing specifications, and are all around great options that will not break the bank.

We chose these for a host of different reasons and believe them to be some of the best of the best.

From the trusted Lucky Locket brand, this adorable set not only comes with all of the dinnerware needed for a fabulous unicorn tea party but also a very nice carrying case to keep everything together between tea council meetings.

Made of metal, you do not have to worry about any breaking or chipping, which is certainly a plus.

This fourteen piece set is covered in a super cute unicorn motif that will delight all unicorn lovers, regardless of age.

Plus, with enough plates, cups, and saucers for four guests, your little one’s friends, be they real or imaginary, can get in on the fun too!

What could possibly be sweeter than a sibling unicorn tea party bonding moment?

If your little one likes hot, hot pink, this is the perfect set!

The bold, brightly colored carrying case and stunning design are sure to wow.

Suitable for four guests, this twenty-three piece set contains all of the cups, plates, and saucers you would expect, along with a classic unicorn kettle, tea cookie tray, and additional matching spoons and napkins to complete any table setting your little one may dream up!

Fit for a queen, this luxe set is made of metal that is resistant to bending and breaking, helping ensure your little one can enjoy their amazing tea set for years to come!

Oojami also has several other styles, including a bright blue tea set that is absolutely adorable, too, so be sure to have a look at their full shop for more ideas!

Designed to encourage pretend play and social skills, this Jewelkeeper tea set is fantastic if you want something comprehensive for playdates or other events, even if it is just your little one and their teddy bears in attendance.

The pretty, pastel design compliments the unicorn theme perfectly, creating a gorgeous, classy looking kit that will wow any tot who may have the opportunity to play with this amazing set.

Perhaps best of all, this set is completely BPA free and can be safely used with actual food and drink, allowing your little one’s pretend play to go a step further!

The set includes fifteen pieces in total and is suitable for children over the age of three, making it perfect for pretend play at parties and other events!

Plus, you can easily wash this set as you would your normal dishes, so long as you dry it well per the brand’s description to prevent rusting and weakening of the material!

This cute, brightly colored tea set from Schylling is bound to be a massive hit with your little one.

Including four cups and saucer sets, this is a great four-piece place setting with a teapot with removable lid.

Adorned with unicorns, rainbows, hearts, clouds, stars, and other magical icons, this set is adorable and well crafted, ensuring years of play to come for your little prince or princess.

Please note that this set is designed for smaller children, allowing their little hands to grip the pieces.

This means the set is somewhat smaller than others but it was intentionally designed to work for younger kids so it makes sense.

This is also not dishwasher safe and should be hand-washed only and dried well before storing if liquids or food were used during the play to help protect the paint and prevent damage to the integrity of the design.

If you want something that looks and feels luxurious, this Delton Porcelain Unicorn Tea Set will certainly serve that need.

Made of high-quality porcelain, this set is precious and harkens back to the “old days” when all tea sets were made in the model of adult glass sets.

This is breakable and not suitable for younger children but the porcelain itself is surprisingly durable and will last if properly cared for.

Due to the make of the product, you can use liquids and can treat this as if it were a regular tea set, for the most part.

Many people actually use this as a display piece when their children age out of playing with it or opt to buy it for decorative purposes in the first place since it looks adorable when stored in the precious wicker basket it comes with.

As a classier style, this set is incredibly nice and will suit a wide range of unicorn lovers, making for many fun play days to come.

Send the Invitations For The Unicorn Tea Party

Help your little princess or price throw the party of the year with the help of one of these sets.

All of them feature multiple place settings and tons of add ons that will help create an amazing pretend play or real tea party experience that your child will not soon forget!

They will have a blast serving their friends and toys and creating the perfect party time and time again.

Send the invitations, your tea party is about to begin thanks to these amazing tea sets.

Any of them will likely serve you well, ensuring hours of fun to come as you celebrate everything under the sun with a fabulous tea party event featuring all of your little ones and their friends and toys! Have fun!

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