Five Fun Unicorn Toys for 8 Year Olds

unicorn toys for 8 year olds

Five Fun Unicorn Toys for 8 Year Olds

When celebrating your little one’s eighth birthday, they probably have a few ideas they have thrown out concerning what sort of gifts they might be interested in receiving.

If they’ve mentioned unicorns, as most little girls do, you might notice that unicorn toys are super trendy with all age brackets right now!

Let’s explore five fun unicorn toys for eight-year-olds and figure out which best suits your kiddo’s preferences!

Our Top Choice of Unicorn Toys for 8 Year Olds​

All of these toys are age-appropriate for an eight-year-old.

We selected all five of them due to their quality, features, customer reviews, price, and overall value, among other facets.

All of these toys are super fun and popular within the eight-year-old age bracket.

Let’s explore the highlights of each and figure out which your kiddo will adore the most!

If you know anything about eight-year-olds right now, chances are you know that they are absolutely addicted to slime.

Whether purchased from a shop or made at home, tons of kids are absolutely loving playing with this gooey, colorful sludge.

Give your kiddo the option to make their own custom slime with this Original Stationary Unicorn Slime Kit!

It includes everything they will need to make a ton of different slime textures and colors, including currently popular styles like jelly cube and cloud.

If your child loves making things and art, this is a great gift that they will definitely love!

These slime kits even come with special youtube links to ensure your child has every resource they need to make successful, fun slimes!

This is a very high-quality kit that will provide hours upon hours of super fun play. 

If your child loves accessories, this Jewelkeeper Unicorn Jewelry Box will be a massive hit.

Featuring a sort of vintage charm design, this jewelry box has a spinning unicorn inside that moves as a special song plays each time your child opens the box.

A truly special gift, this is a fantastic keepsake that will last for years and provide tons of fond memories.

Plus, there is a mirror inside so they can try on their accessories and jewelry before deciding on which to wear each day!

You can choose between two different unicorn styled boxes or a host of other themes, including classic ballerina styles, mermaids, horses, superheroes, owls, and more!

Truly, this thoughtful gift will make for a fantastic, very memorable piece that any child will adore.

If your little one loves to be in the kitchen, this special unicorn themed baking gift set will be a massive hit!

This fourteen piece set includes everything any little baker or chef will need to get started, including a super cute unicorn apron, five unicorn cookie cutters, a rolling pin, a recipe book, two frosting tips, two reusable piping bags, and two frosting couplers.

This is everything your little one needs to get started baking sweet treats for their friends and makes for a gift that can grow into a passion!

Your child may discover a talent for baking and begin trying new things, increasing their knowledge of science and preparing them with life skills that will prove valuable as they grow up.

All in all, this is a fantastic gift that is also available in a fox theme and snowman to suit any occasion or seasonal preference. 

For the high tech unicorn lover, this super cool lamp will be a massive hit that they will be proud to show off to all of their friends.

The sleek, appealing base projects a realistic, three-dimensional unicorn motif that is absolutely amazing and crystal clear.

This product comes with a remote control to allow your child to change the color of their unicorn light between sixteen different options and two different brightness settings.

The light is non-flicker, providing soft illumination, which makes it perfect to act as a discreet nightlight, too.

Since the product is not wired and runs off of batteries, it can also be easily moved from one room to another and requires no commitment like some other similar models that must be nailed down or secured in some way.

If you are looking for a unique gift, look no further than the Longxu Unicorn Lamp.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly and completely safe!

For the crafty kit, this I Love Unicorns Kit from Craft-tastic is a sure-fire winner that any kid would love to have!

With tons of different options, this kit is made to provide hours upon hours of crafting fun, allowing your child to create custom pieces of art while learning new skills!

Watch them create six magical projects, including a unicorn headband, unicorn tail, small unicorn plush, and jewelry, among other fun options!

Everything needed for each craft is included in the kit, meaning they can start making things as soon as they open the gift, if they’d like!

This incredible set is a great way to pass time and bond since adults can get in on the crafting fun, too!

Some people do note that some of the crafts are a little complex for younger children but should be fine for an eight-year-old, as they have more fine motor control and can generally follow directions a bit closer than a younger child.

Let your child’s imagination soar with this fantastic, creative kit! They’ll absolutely love it.

You can also grab I Love Fairy kits, Dream Catcher kits, and Unicorn String Art kits, too, to add even more crafting fun!

Absolutely Magical Unicorn Toys for 8 Year Olds​

Whether your little one likes accessories, crafting, cooking, or tech, there is a unicorn gift out there for them!

Any of these ideas would provide quite a bit of fun so do your research and figure out which would best suit your child’s interests.

They’ll be delighted, especially if you join in on the fun! Enjoy!

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