Five Floating Unicorn Pool Toy Options that Will Add Some Magic to Your Pool

Floating Unicorn Pool Toy Options

Five Floating Unicorn Pool Toy Options that Will Add Some Magic to Your Pool

There is something particularly special about spending a day floating around a swimming pool.

No matter where you are from or what you like, pools are just appealing when the sun is hot and summer is upon us.

These five fun floating unicorn pool toy options will add a little extra magic to your next summertime get together.

Our Top Picks

These five floats were chosen for a mix of several factors, including price, quality, customer reviews, and a few other facets.

All of them are highly rated and generally well received and we believe them to be shining stars in this niche unicorn market.

Let’s take a closer look at each and decide which best suits your pool magic needs!

If you want something that really screams unicorn, this Joyin float is a perfect option that is suitable for adults and children alike.

Featuring an oversized unicorn head and glittered base, this shiny, appealing floatie will be super fun at your next pool party.

Recommended for ages four and older, this toy is meant as a fun addition, not a lifesaving floatation device and should be used with adult supervision, per the brand’s recommendation.

Very popular with kids, some adults did report being uncomfortable floating on this toy due to its semi-irregular shape, which favors a more oval-like design instead of a typical donut-shaped intertube.

The brand also notes that the toy should be removed from the pool between uses to prevent sun stressing of the material, which is common among similar pool floats.

All in all, though, this is a great option if you are looking for a low price toy with a big impact both visually and fun-wise! Your kiddos will love it!

If you are looking for something a little more suitable for adult use, this Jasonwell Giant Inflatable is a great choice.

While technically a pegasus due to the wings, this toy still gets the same magical impact that a unicorn does and is honestly gorgeous.

The gold accents and giant size makes it perfect for a photoshoot and several popular Instagram social media influencers have been known to use similar floats for their account postings.

This float, in particular, is designed to hold two adults and suits up to four hundred pounds.

The fast valves allow for quick inflation for usage and deflation for storage, allowing you to inflate it with a hairdryer, pump, or another tool, per the brand’s note.

This product is also designed to be non-toxic and is created of phthalate free materials in an effort to keep you safe while lounging about your pool.

A lot of users claim this is also a great toy for going out on the lake or tubing since it is durable and thick enough to suit rougher water without deflating or becoming damaged while also looking incredibly cute.

If you want something basic and very affordable, this Brave Hours Unicorn Pool Float is a super cute and functional piece that any kid will love to have in their pool.

The print is adorable and very on-trend, showcasing unicorns, clouds, and other popular magical figures in a bright, bold all-over pattern.

Suitable for ages six and up, this float includes two handles for safe usage and is thickened to allow for playing and roughhousing without concerns for popping or otherwise damaging the float while in the water.

It is also skin-friendly, non-toxic, and scent-free, making it a very appealing piece despite the incredibly low price tag.

Easy to inflate and deflate, this is an easy product to take back and forth to different events and pools, making it perfect for public pools or waterpark usage.

Many also bring it to the beach since it is cute but not a potential lost investment if it is sucked out to sea.

Regardless of your usage area, this float is a great choice that costs less than fifteen dollars.

If you want something a little different than the typical intertube style float, this Joyin brand inflatable unicorn pool noodle is a great option that will provide a lot of fun.

Different and more durable than the typical foam pool noodle, this float is reusable and storable, making it perfect for taking to the pool, beach, waterpark, or another aquatic area for hours of fun.

The durable plastic will not pop even with rough play and the toy is incredibly well made to help ensure you will not find yourself without a float halfway through the day.

The brand notes that this toy is perfect for riding, sitting, throwing, play fighting, and a host of other uses, making it a great one-size-fits-all toy for a wide range of ages.

This means if you have a multi-child family situation, this toy will fit in perfectly as a shared piece!

For something truly high impact, you could pick up this statement piece from Blue Wave.

Featuring a full-body unicorn, this inflatable toy is a fantastic option that is durable and super fun for wavy water and floating fun.

The unicorn is sturdy enough to act as a ride on float toy for children older than four years and under one hundred and eighty pounds and can also act as a fun addition to many common pool games since it is easy to rock or create a rough-riding experience.

Either way, this is a super fun float that will provide quite a bit of fun or relaxation, depending on which you prefer!

A Bit of Unicorn Magic For Summer

Regardless if you are looking for something to play around with or lounge about on, these floating toys will do the trick!

From basic to eyecatching, there is something for everyone.

You can be as dramatic as you’d like or go for something a little more lowkey for the little ones; it is entirely up to you!

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