Five Best Baby Boy Unicorn Onesie Options for the Magical Dudes in Your Life!

Baby Boy Unicorn Onesie

Five Best Baby Boy Unicorn Onesie Options for the Magical Dudes in Your Life!

Who says girls have to get all of the magic?

It is so commonly associated that girls love all things pink, glittery, and unicorn related but boys can definitely enjoy some magical fun, too!

Let’s take a look at five of the cutest baby boy unicorn onesie options out there for the magical dudes in your life who love a little extra sparkly fun!

Our Picks

These five pieces were chosen based on a number of factors, including price, quality, and customer reviews.

There are tons of other options out there but these five really excel in their category and seem to be at the top of the list.

If you want a full-on unicorn moment with your little guy’s outfit, this ModalOO romper is the way to go, for sure!

It has a fully visible horn attached and complimentary 3D mane hairs, giving a full look in one piece!

For the unicorn style, there are three colors available: light grey, dark grey, and green, but you can also pick up this outfit in other styles and colors including bunny themed and dinosaur-themed, as well.

Available from three months all the way to twenty-four months, the sizing is quite comprehensive, as well, making for an easy experience fitting your child.

The material is reported as warm and comfortable but not overly hot, making it great for both indoor and outdoor events as long as the weather is not overly warm, as well.

Plus, the comfortable fleece material is fantastic for babies who like to be cuddled and swaddled, as it hugs their body and provides support.

If you are looking for something a little more in line with commonly marketed boy clothing, this gassy unicorn farting a rainbow might be more up your alley.

In a classic black color with a cute, chubby unicorn being propelled by a rainbow fart cloud, this onesie is absolutely adorable and honestly quite hilarious.

The material is soft and thin enough for summer wear or for layering, making it a great transitional piece for all seasons.

Since it is on a black background, it is also very easy to match to other items, giving it a good ability to be worn regularly.

The sizing of this product ranges from newborn to twenty-four months, giving a great range for the average onesie wearer.

It has traditional crotch snaps for easy diaper changes and is 100% cotton and quality assured; the brand backs this product and will replace it if there are any issues with the manufacturing or design, meaning you really have nothing to lose.

For those looking for a pajama or full-on bodysuit, this full-body unicorn outfit is perfect!

With 3D attachments for the horn, ears, mane, and tail, this adorable set is amazing for parties, Halloween, events, or any other time where your kid may want to go full magic mode and literally become a unicorn!

This product comes in both pink and blue options in the unicorn style, as well as tons of other animal-based designs like bears, penguins, and dinosaurs, giving you plenty of options for your little to choose from.

The sizing is also incredible, catering to kids as small as 0-3 months and as large as a 4T, allowing parents to get matching outfits for kids within different age brackets or multiple sizes to suit the child as he grows.

All in all, this warm, cozy outfit will be a definite winner with your kiddo and is totally worth looking into.

From 7 ate 9 Apparel, this unicorn onesie is for the little brother who is attending his sister or brother’s unicorn themed party or photoshoot and needs a matching outfit.

With the word “brothercorn” written on it, this cute outfit will not take away from the birthday kid or stand out in group photos and is easy to match with the rest of the family for a themed shoot.

This product is available in sizes as small as 0-3 months and as big as 18-24 months, allowing a fair range before you have to size up to the t-shirt style option.

The t-shirt is also available in many smaller sizes, making it a viable option if you really want all of your littles precisely matching, too, since the sizing range is much larger.

Either way, this is a super cute, simple design that will not fade, crack, or peel, even with repeated use that is definitely worth considering for your little dude-icorn.

Another humorous option, this inktastic Dabbing Unicorn Onesie is very on-trend for boy’s clothing right now and is hilarious and adorable.

The unicorn looks super cool with his sassy grin and sunglasses, juxtaposed by his silly dabbing position.

Made of 100% cotton with a high-quality print placed on top, this outfit is great for everyday wear, as well as to events or for unicorn themed photoshoots if your little one is not too keen on wearing something a little more sparkly and eyecatching.

It is also incredibly comfortable and very breathable, making it great for summer or for layering during the colder months.

It is available in sizes ranging from newborn to twenty-four months, like most other products, and is also available in several other colors that include most hues in the rainbow and in a long sleeve hoodie version complete with sweet little ear attachments on the top that look like those of a teddy bear!

Unicorn Onsies For The Boys

It is obvious that in modern times, we have begun to accept that boys can like anything and everything girls can and vice versa.

These onesies are the perfect bit of magical flare for any little prince’s wardrobe and can suit most unicorn-themed events quite well.

With comprehensive sizing being spread more and tons of unique designs available, you are sure to find something amazing! Good luck!

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