Five Awesome Stuffer Ideas for a Super Cool Unicorn Party Favor Bags DIY!

unicorn party favor bags diy

Five Awesome Stuffer Ideas for a Super Cool Unicorn Party Favor Bags DIY!

When the party is winding down and everyone is getting ready to leave, it is always a nice touch to have a little favor sitting out for them to grab on their way out.

While small tokens like plushes or little toys are popular, candy bars or fill your own gift bags are super trendy since they let the guests pick and choose which items they would like to have in their goody bag.

Let’s take a look at five awesome ideas for a super cool unicorn party favor bags diy space for your next event!

Our Top Picks

When planning out a party favor area, you want to choose something that your guests will adore and actually use.

These products are functional options that will either act as a party event in and of themselves or provide an interactive gift experience.

They were chosen due to their quality, price, variety, enjoyability, and a host of other factors, including customer review data. Let’s get into our top picks!

If you are looking to provide a wide variety of items to choose from, this amazing, massive ninety-six piece kit will definitely do the trick!

The full set contains 12 headbands, 12 rubber wristbands, 12 rings, 36 temporary tattoos, twelve hair clips, and twelve matching gift bags.

This means that the set serves up to twelve children or allows smaller groups to choose more than one of each item, which is handy since many items have different designs and color variations for the children to choose from, as well.

The brand notes that these items are also great for prize packs for party games, pinata stuffing ideas, and other applications, making this a fantastic option for any party style or occasion!

For the price, this is a great kit with lots of variety.

While the quality may not be of the highest caliber, if you are looking for something cost-effective for younger kids, this will do in a pinch and provide a lot of fun for your guests!

Another extremely affordable option, this Make a Unicorn sticker kit is super fun and provides an activity for your guests to do at the party that they can then compare, trade, and take home!

Designed with an easy-peel setup, these sticker sheets are good for ages three and up, making them a perfect pre-school activity option for most classrooms, too!

The customizable nature of this project will provide a lot of fun and enrichment to any party environment and be an overall massive bonus for your guests!

Each sheet has different combinations of features, meaning your kids can also trade among themselves and interact to ensure everyone gets the perfect unicorn design, as well!

Plus, it is a massive twenty four pack, meaning you can easily cater to larger groups or otherwise allow each child to make more than one.

For the price, this is a super fun option that will help keep the party moving along smoothly and ensure lots of laughs!

A set that caters to slightly older unicorn lovers, this Pawliss sixty piece party favor kit is made to cater to twelve guests but can certainly be used for a much larger amount in a DIY gift bag situation.

This kit includes a host of unicorn themed accessories that your guests will be wearing long after the party has ended, including masks, bracelets, keychains, rings, and tattoos.

This mix is a great choice for most events since kids can take the accessories they will actually use.

Younger kids will be drawn to the masks and bracelets and older ones may like the keychains and tattoos, making this a universally appealing option that will work for mix aged family events or situations where older or younger siblings are present, too, and may have some friends over to help keep things going smoothly.

All in all, this is a well priced and soild kit that will be lots of fun!

If you want something a little different that will work for kids all the way up to middle school, this kit strays away from the solidly jewelry and accessories based options and offers a host of different stationery alongside the cute accessory pieces.

This will help appeal to older kids who may feel they are too cool or are just uninterested in wearing a glittery unicorn-themed necklace but will still use pencils, stamps, or other little trinkets and will appreciate the effort.

In total, this kit includes rings, tattoos, slap bracelets, stamps, and key chains, including several non-unicorn options like spiral candy pieces and rainbows.

This is another great universally appealing option for groups with kids of all ages and is extremely affordable, as well.

With ninety-six pieces in total being present, this will serve quite a few kids and serve your party extremely well!

A truly universal piece, these twenty-four wooden unicorns make for a perfect party activity that can be used at everything from first birthday parties and middle school events to high school graduations and baby showers.

The wooden unicorns are unfinished and ready to paint, meaning you can provide some acrylics and glitter and let your guests go wild creating their own unique unicorn designs.

This is especially fun if you have guests at a party write notes to the birthday girl or grad student and gift them at the end or have a competition for your guests where the person with the best designs in different categories earn special prizes or gifts!

A Bit of Unicorn Magic

Party favors are a little extra touch that makes parties a little more magical.

For a unicorn Party, DIY bags or projects add an extra layer of fun and magic that really helps to transform the party into something extra special.

Play around with bag stuffing idea or craft projects your group would enjoy and find something perfect for your group!

It will really make a difference and be the perfect memory moment!

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