Five Adorable Unicorn Birthday Party Return Gifts Ideas

unicorn birthday party return gifts

Five Adorable Unicorn Birthday Party Return Gifts To Choose From

Unicorn parties are a super fun way to add a little magic to any birthday celebration.

There is something so fun about watching little ones live out their fantastical dreams and play pretend together and what better theme for a magical event than unicorns?

Let’s take a look at five adorable unicorn birthday party return gifts ideas that all of the princesses in attendance will absolutely adore!

Our Top Picks For Unicorn Birthday Party Return Gifts

These five unicorn birthday party return gifts were chosen due to their quality, value, price, and fun factor, among other facets.

Each of them offers unique enrichment to your party and will be very well received by the little guests in attendance.

Let’s take a closer look at each and decide which best suits your magical party needs and preferences!

As a two for one value pack, these super cute unicorn plastic drinking straws are accompanied by adorable unicorn temporary tattoos that your guests will be delighted to apply!

You can either have a tattoo station at the party or just let them take the tattoos home; either way, they will adore their new temporary magical ink and can get real use out of the straws, too.

The tattoo patterns are adorable and pastel, featuring a cute unicorn and flowers, among other little decals.

The straws are brightly colored and include a unicorn charm.

For the price, this is a great little kit that includes several different diverse designs, equalling out to twenty-four straws in six colors and four charm variations and six tattoo sheets with over one hundred different tattoos!

If you are having a lot of kids at the party and want to work on a budget or just wish to provide a lot of options, this kit will definitely do the trick!

Good for older kids who may not want glitter toys or tattoos but still adore the magical unicorn appeal, these super cute backpacks are the perfect functional party favor.

Made of durable fabric, these affordable and lightweight bags are drawstring closure and can be used for school, camping, and other events once the party is over.

Additionally, you can fill them with other small favors like snacks or little pieces of jewelry to further make the gift even more special or offer it as a sort of “fill your own” design alongside a candy and favor bar for an extreme wow-factor.

For the price, this fourteen pack of bags will really go a long way and add a little extra unicorn chic to your party and your guests as they prepare to leave!

Plus, who doesn’t love something functional that the kiddos can use even after the cake has been cut and presents opened?

3. 24 Sets Magic Scratch Art DIY Masks

If you want a no-mess activity that doubles as the party favor, this set of scratch art unicorn masks will be a super fun addition that kids of all ages can participate in.

The masks are easy to scratch, allowing each child to customize their own design to wear and have after the event.

There are six different mask designs available in each kit and four of each variety, totaling out to twenty-four masks which should cover most moderate-sized parties fully.

This is especially good for school-aged kids or classroom parties since it is a quieter activity that will not be disruptive to neighboring areas while still providing stimulation and fun that the kids can all share.

The kit includes everything you need for the craft, too, including wooden bamboo scratch art sticks and black elastic bands to complete the masks once they are designed and ready to wear!

This kit is especially great for younger children and toddlers.

This twelve-pack of playful little squirting bath toys are soft and great for teething kiddos who may want to put their new favor into their mouth.

Completely non-toxic and BPA free, these toys are safe for all sorts of play and can be chewed, thrown, and squished to your little one’s heart’s content.

There are four different colors available that include blue, purple, white, and pink options.

The color assortment is random, meaning you cannot pick the colors for your party, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Still, this is a great set that will provide a lot of fun, especially if the kiddos can go outside and spray each other in a water fight before heading home to enjoy their toys in the tub!

With sensory-based toys like squishies and Orbeez being super popular right now, why not give your child’s guests the best of both worlds?

These squishy toys contain Orbeez style beads that add an extra layer of fun to these highly smooshable, squishable toys.

The bright colors and silly faces will be delightful for your guests to enjoy and will create quite a bit of fun as they play, trade, and squish their new unicorn friends.

This is a three-pack, meaning you have to order multiple if you have more than three guests, which makes it a less cost-effective option, but if you want to go all out with some unicorn magical fun, this might be the way to go and is totally worth the investment considering how much the little ones will adore playing with these delightful squishy toys.

Fun Unicorn Birthday Party Return Gifts

Help your guests take a little unicorn magic along with them when they go with one of these amazing unicorn return gift ideas.

All five of these fun unicorn birthday party return gift products showcase the high quality, super fun ideas that will have your little birthday party guests absolutely delighted with their new special gift.

There’s no more perfect way to say “thank you for coming” than a cute little unicorn gift of their own!

Take a look at your options and find a combination that works perfectly with your theme! Have fun!

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