Five Adorable Ideas for Decorations for Unicorn Party Planning

Decorations For Unicorn Party

Five Adorable Ideas for Decorations for Unicorn Party Planning

Unicorn parties are all the rage for younger kids and older tweens, alike, with even some adults opting to get in on the magic of unicorn fun.

Regardless of your age, every good party needs decorations, especially one as special as a unicorn party! 

Let’s take a look at five adorable ideas for decorations for unicorn party planners!

Our Picks

As with anything, party decorations are a very personal preference driven purchase.

We chose these options for their price, quality, variety, and customer reviews, among other qualities and believe them to be of great value and worth considering for your magical, unicorn-themed event.

With over a hundred five star ratings, this massive, all in one unicorn party kit is perfect for someone looking to curate a matching, perfectly dressed party while on a budget or time crunch.

This easy to use kit comes with everything you need to accessorize your space for the perfect unicorn party.

Featuring a fun, pastel color story and the trendy eyelash unicorn print for the pattern, this set has quite literally everything!

Cutlery, candles, cake topper, balloons, and all of the other odds and ends are in the package, making for an easy planning experience that looks incredibly cute and high effort.

This set works for parties up to sixteen people and includes over two hundred pieces, including an absolutely adorable unicorn birthday banner to help tie everything together.

It even has the invitations and boxes for a unicorn themed candy bar, meaning even your favors are all planned and ready to go; you just have to add the filler treats for the bags! You simply cannot go wrong!

Reviewers especially love this Apachichi set for baby showers and younger kid events due to the sweet, baby-like unicorn featured on the pattern.

Paired with the pastel pink and soft confetti printed design, this set is dreamy and a stellar choice for any relaxed event.

Designed to serve ten guests, this set includes the cups, plates, silverware, paper straws, an adorable party banner, and super cute matching balloons, as well as invitations to complete the look!

There are even unicorn masks and adorable matching candles for the cake, meaning basically all you have to get are the refreshments!

This high-quality set is easy to accessorize and goes perfectly with a wide array of pastel color themes, making it a great universal kit for any party. Who knew planning could be this easy!

This super cute set includes tableware settings for sixteen people, including plates, cups, straws, and all of the silverware you would normally need for a birthday party.

On top of this, the kit also includes bonus pastel unicorn balloons with a variation of the super trendy eyelash unicorn print, a cute headband for the birthday girl, and a bracelet that can be worn even after the party is over.

There is also a two-yard bunting included and birthday banner to complete the perfect Instagram-worthy birthday cohesive look.

Aside from being a great value and super adorable, this kit is also an amazing eco-friendly option.

In a world where disposable dishes and silverware can really add up rather quickly, negating our environmental impact is key in protecting the Earth for generations to come.

What better gift for your little one than a healthier, ready to explore world to thrive in as they grow?

If you just need accent basics or are working on a budget, this Golden Unicorn Value Party Supplies Pack from Blue Orchards is a fantastic option that seats sixteen guests and includes plates, silverware, napkins, and stickers to create classy rolled cutlery bundles.

While it is not as comprehensive as some other options on this list, this is an incredible value for just over ten dollars.

If you only need these items, cannot spend a large amount on the party, or even just want something for an impromptu event, your little one will be absolutely delighted by this lovely kit!

The brand also notes that the simple, inclusive design is made with all ages in mind and is meant to be suitable for unicorn lovers of every age and gender!

This note is a wonderful, thoughtful touch since many adults and males love unicorns, too, and are often left out.

This step towards inclusivity is welcome and very refreshing, as is the quality of customer service reported by reviewers that the brand seems to exude.

This is definitely an option that is worth your consideration!

If your guest of honor isn’t much for the pretty, pastel pink scheme that is often placed on unicorn party items, this set might be a little more their style.

Straying into a more green/blue color story with added pops of pink and more commonly used tones, this is a wonderful option that would be amazing for tween parties who may feel they are a little old for a pink glitter explosion.

This set serves sixteen and includes cups, plates, straws, silverware, and napkins, as well as a banner and tablecloth.

Even better, a super cute party hat is also thrown in as a bonus, which is perfect for even older kids who may want to take some silly Instagram photos!

All in all, this is a great choice for those looking for something a little different while still keeping with the unicorn magic theme.

Magical Unicorn Decorating

If you are planning a party as magical and special as a unicorn party, it is totally worth going the extra mile and getting some super cool decoration pieces.

Fortunately, this does not have to be an expensive or difficult venture thanks to these fun kits!

Making party planning easy, these matching comprehensive kits are all cohesive and make throwing the event of the year as easy as accenting the already fabulous design!

Browse through and figure out which one suits your guest of honor’s tastes and you are all set!

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