4 Eyelash Unicorn Party Supplies Kits that Will Help Bring a Little Extra Magic to Your Little One’s Big Day

Eyelash Unicorn Party Supplies

4 Eyelash Unicorn Party Supplies Kits that Will Help Bring a Little Extra Magic to Your Little One's Big Day

When planning a unicorn party, you may notice there are quite a few different themes that are trending right now.

From the classic, vintage style unicorn to ultra-glittery, neon themes, kids are choosing some interesting and fun motifs for their parties.

One of the most popular has to be the ultra-trendy eyelash unicorn theme.

Featuring an adorable unicorn with its eyes closed and eyelashes fluttering, this adorable theme is popular with a wide range of ages and is incredibly easy to customize to suit a wide range of color schemes and overarching themes.

Let’s take a look at four eyelash unicorn party supplies kits that you can use to help perfect your little one’s big day decor!

Our Top Picks

We selected these four adorable eyelash unicorn party supply kit options to suit a wide range of themes and preferences.

All of them are of high quality, diverse, and well-received by customers per their reviews.

We believe these four options to be great examples in their niche and are certain they’ll help you create the perfect unicorn party!

Let’s take a closer look at our picks and figure out which will best suit your unique party theme!

Finding the perfect cake for your kiddo’s big day can be a bit of a pain, especially if you are on a budget.

Those super sparkly, designer unicorn cakes you see on Instagram and Pinterest look stunning and seem like the perfect option until you see the price tag and realize that you can buy pretty much all of the other decors for the price of just the cake.

Fortunately, you can still get that super cute unicorn cake look without breaking the bank!

This Unicorn Cake Topper with Eyelashes allows you to take a simple round cake and just place the unicorn horn and ears on top, creating the appearance of a much higher-end, higher effort finished product.

The piece is almost six inches and suits most basic round birthday cakes perfectly, especially when accompanied by other sprinkles and additives to complete the look.

It also includes non-toxic sticky dots to affix the eyelashes to suit the trendy design, as well, and a paper straw for application with no mess.

This amazing, made by hand set will certainly wow at your next unicorn event.

If you are taking the cupcake route but still want some individualization to your theme, this adorable set of cupcake wrappers and cake topper will do the trick!

A lot of people love this for smash cakes, since the topper looks precious on a smaller round cake and the wrappers create a cohesive look for the food the guests will be served, as well.

The cupcake toppers match the larger cake topper and complete the look, creating a perfectly Instagram friendly moment that will look adorable in your baby book or photo albums of your little one’s party!

Plus, the cake topper is made of high-quality cotton and is safe for grabby little hands that may smash it or crush it into the cake.

It can even be washed to use as a keepsake memory piece! 

Creating a photo area with a cute backdrop is very on-trend for most parties right now.

This can be hard if you are limited on space or ability to hang things. Fortunately, this Yaaaasssss! Unicorn Backdrop makes it easy!

You just stick the pieces on like stickers and you’re all set!

Featuring the very adorable and ultra-trendy eyelash unicorn design, these stickers are easy to apply and large enough to create the perfect party background for any area, activity space, or photo booth.

All of the pieces are very sturdy and durable, ensuring you do not have to worry about them falling or becoming damaged during the party’s duration.

Additionally, the kit includes everything you need to hang the pieces, including sixty glue dots that do not damage paint or wall textures.

The only thing to consider is that the purple and green flowers must be assembled but the process is easy and actually fun, plus it ensures they are nice and fluffy on the day of the party by preventing them from being squished in the mail.

Everything else is assembled and ready to be stuck up, though.

For the rest of your party, you can count on this amazing Unicorn Party Supply set to round it all out. Featuring 16 unicorn cake plates,16  unicorn cups,16 unicorn napkins,16  unicorn head decorations for the straw, a pack of 25 straws, and a unicorn tablecloth, this kit covers almost all of the bases and creates a great base for other decorations like banners and balloons. The adorable print is pastel and fun and the three-dimensional straw attachments add a little extra flair that will definitely be a delightful touch the kiddos will appreciate. The brand notes that all of the pieces are high quality and will not leak or break, allowing you to trust that there will be minimal messy hiccups at your event. All of the pieces are disposable, making cleanup a breeze, and since everything is eco-friendly and biodegradable, you do not have to worry about the impact of your event. All in all, this is a great base kit that can be expanded upon to create a more unique party or used as-is for a stunning, simple event.

Eyelash Unicorn Events

The eyelash unicorn theme is very trendy due to its easy format, super cute design, and attractive simplistic nature.

Get everything together for your kiddo’s party with the help of these adorable eyelash unicorn pieces and soon you will have a perfectly complete and cohesive event that your little one will be over the moon about.

All of these products are high quality and designed with kids in mind, so you cannot go wrong!

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