5 of the Cutest Unicorn Birthday Outfit 5 Year Old Options

Unicorn Birthday Outfit 5 Year Old

Five of the Cutest Unicorn Birthday Outfit 5 Year Old Options

Planning a birthday party is a super fun venture, regardless of the birthday girl’s age.

Getting to celebrate your child growing older is such a bittersweet, wonderful moment, especially as they get older and understand all of the exciting things to come with their big day.

By the age of five, a child is in the full swing of birthday excitement and can grasp how much fun they will have.

Let’s take a look at five of the cutest unicorn birthday outfit 5 year old options that will make your little princess’s magical unicorn party even more special!

Our Top Picks

All of these products were selected with your kiddo in mind.

They are comfortable, high quality, well-priced, and loved by customers across the board.

We selected these five options due to these positive traits and believe them to be some of the best available in concerns to quality, price, and appeal, among other traits.

Let’s take a look at what makes each so special and worth considering for your little one’s big day!

Featuring a comfortable, easy to style raglan design, this ultra-cozy t-shirt is very wearable and looks absolutely precious.

This Bump and Beyond Designs shirt is made of a bright, hot pink base with gold glitter, full-body unicorn motifs added.

The piece is accompanied by text that reads, “Five” in an attractive, cursive font.

Made of a cotton-poly blend, this shirt will be durable enough to comfortably last through any party game or event, allowing your little one to look cute even though pinata time and cake!

The perfect memory piece, this shirt pairs well with any tutu or basic pants to create a cohesive unicorn outfit for any party event your child may be having!

Plus, the sizing is inclusive, fitting from 4T to 6, allowing children of all sizes within the five-year-old age spectrum to wear this precious design!

Also, as the shop notes, if you buy two items from their clothing range on Amazon, you actually get a twenty percent discount on your entire purchase!

You truly cannot go wrong with this amazing, adorable shirt!


Another t-shirt style option, this is a very basic tee that features the incredibly popular and trendy eyelash unicorn motif with the phrase “birthday girl” printed under it.

This is a super cute design if you want something less over the top or if your child prefers regular, comfortable clothing, even for special events.

Even better, the sizing is amazing, suiting children from four to seven in a sizing reference, allowing this to be worn by a wide range of children or worn by siblings if they are having a shared party despite being different ages.

This gives you a little more room for customization and frees up a bit of room for saving money through reuse if you have children who want the same birthday party themes.

Plus, it is just super cute and easy to style, making it perfect for any little princess who is obsessed with unicorn magic!

For those who want something a little more over the top, this LYLKD set is the perfect accessory kit that allows you to buy everything you need to create a perfect unicorn princess outfit for your little one all in one go.

The set includes a rainbow, ultra-fluffy tutu, and a super cute matching unicorn horn headband, creating an easy, cohesive look that your little one will adore and feel super special in!

Perhaps the best facet of this option is the fact that it is available in a ton of different color options, ranging from a classic, bold rainbow print to more muted, pastel based options and pretty much every color mix in between.

Each option is completely different from the others, featuring different tutu accent colors, horn color, and ear tones, making this an especially good choice for twins and other larger families where kiddos may share birthday parties but still want to express their own individuality.

Similar to the LYLKD set, this rainbow layered tulle tutu skirt kit includes a tutu, headband, and hair bow to fully create a new look.

The addition of the bow allows you to more easily style your child’s hair to be up and out of the way if they are particularly active or may otherwise get messy or hot if their hair is left down.

The sizing on this product goes from two years all the way up to eight, with some reviewers noting that even older children can comfortably wear the product in most cases.

This makes an even wider range of children able to wear this fantastic little kit.

Plus, many kids actually continued to wear their bow after the party was over since it is a bit easier to style in everyday clothing and everyday life, allowing them to get a bit more functional use out of their birthday outfit!

If you are looking for an all-in-one outfit kit, this is definitely the way to go!

Produced by Doctor Unicorn, this amazing set features a tutu, unicorn shirt, headband with horn attachment pieces, and a satin birthday girl sash.

All of this combined creates a cohesive, perfectly curated outfit that will suit any birthday girl without costing an arm and a leg.

There are different shirt designs available to suit different themes, ranging from pegasuses and full-body unicorns to unicorn head vanity shots and even one with the adorable eyelash unicorn print that is super on-trend right now!

You truly cannot go wrong with this high quality, super fun set!

The Magic of a Birthday

There is nothing as fun as celebrating your little one’s birthday.

Add a little extra magic with the help of one of these super fun, adorable outfit sets that will make creating a complete birthday look a breeze!

All of these outfits are perfect for any five years old and will suit a wide range of unicorn party themes! 

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