Where to Find the Cutest Girly Wallpaper with Unicorns

Girly Wallpaper With Unicorns

Where to Find the Cutest Girly Wallpaper with Unicorns

The fine details are truly what makes a room.

A big focal point in your kiddo’s room like a unicorn play tent or unicorn is awesome but the smaller details and points of interest really make the space something special.

Wallpaper, for example, is an excellent way to enhance your child’s room without spending a ton or making a lot of permanent alterations.

Let’s take a look at some super cute girly wallpaper with unicorns that any magic loving child will adore!

Our Top Picks

If you want something that really embodies the magic and appeal of traditional unicorn imagery, this Cheaspeke unicorn dream wallpaper is a gorgeous option.

Meant to be used as a border piece, this item looks pretty against plain white walls and pastel alike and acts as a perfect mural border.

The strips are prepasted for easy application and they are entirely washable, meaning you can keep these gorgeous accent pieces clean and pretty for years to come.

Plus, if your kiddo ever decides to remove the wallpaper for something else, these are easily stripped away, making changing room themes a piece of cake.

Made in the USA, this product covers 8.8 square feet in total and is easy to use for smooth application, making for a painless installation process. 

From the trendy decor brand Spoonflower, this prepasted wallpaper is a great option if you want something to cover an entire wall without being a permanent fixture.

Easily removable, this product comes in large sheets for easy installation, making it perfect for an accent wall!

You can get this product in five different sizes, including a test watch to ensure it matches your walls and theme before committing, making choosing a perfect fit easy and quick.

This product is made with eco-friendly water-based inks and FCS certified paper that is phthalate, formaldehyde, and PVC free, this is a safe product that really works to provide full coverage.

The brand does note that you need to use this product on a light-colored wall that is completely dry to ensure proper adhesion and that it works best on non-textured walls.

Still, it is an overall fantastic product that will look adorable. 

So, while this is not exactly a wallpaper in the traditional sense of the word, it can be used to do something very on-trend that gives the same effect.

Sticker bombing is a common style right now involving placing a ton of stickers individually to create a massive, bright, and bold image that is super impactful.

If you want to really make a super fun statement wall, you can do it easily with this Song’s Idea Unicorn Wall Decal set.

With over thirty different patterns and thirty-five pieces in total within the set, you can do a lot with this to create the perfect, super fun space.

All of the pieces are made from a semi-gloss vinyl, eco-friendly PVC, odorless, non-toxic, and strong adhesive material, making for a very durable and safe finished product that will last for years to come.

Plus, they are easily removable, making rearranging the design possible and easy, especially considering the fact that the entire set is waterproof. 

Another all-over print option, this is a full wall panel product that is bright, fun, and includes the addition of glitter and sparkles, which are two things little girls love almost as much as unicorns and rainbows.

This set is easy to put up and looks great as an accent wall or for all over the room due to the neutral tones alongside the pops of design.

If you want something fun but perhaps suitable for an older unicorn lover, this is a great option that will suit their needs perfectly.

Part of Arthouse’s Imagine Fun 2 Collection, this product is designed to be bold, cheerful, and play into fantasy stories and fairytales, making the perfect bedroom or playroom addition!

If you want a bright and fun wallpaper border for your child’s room, this Sweet Jojo Designs product is a great option that is safe, sweet, and easy to apply.

The pink, grey, and gold color theme is neutral enough to suit everything from nurseries and playrooms to big kid rooms, making it a great universal or transitional piece.

It also works for shared spaces between younger and older kids, too, creating a seamless look that really ties together other unicorn decor pieces.

With this specific design, you can also find other matching accessories to create the complete look within your space, including hampers, window treatments, shower curtains, memory photo boards, body pillowcases, decorative pillowcases, and more.

If you want to create a fully seamless space that fits together perfectly with matching pieces, this option is absolutely fantastic.

It is also easily removable if you choose to change up the room decor but is durable enough to last for years due to its manufacturing and waterproof design. 

Some Extra Sparkle

If you want your child’s room to really sparkle and glow with unicorn magic, creating a space that is exactly what they want includes a lot of fine details. Chances are they have big dreams for their perfect room.

If you are smart with your purchases, you can save a lot of money, effort, and time creating the best magical unicorn room imaginable.

Using wallpaper is just one example of an approach you can take to put together the perfect space with a simple change.

Any of these products will work perfectly to create an accent wall or tie the entire room together, creating a professional-grade look on a budget with minimal effort!

It really is that simple! Good luck, your little one will be absolutely thrilled! 

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