Best Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old Kids

Best Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old

5 of the Best Unicorn Toys for 5 Year Old Kids

At the age of five, chances are your kiddo has opinions and interests of their own and are not shy about sharing them.

If your princess is like most little girls, chances are she adores unicorns and all things magical.

Finding age-appropriate and fun unicorn toys is easy since the market is massive and ever-expanding but chances are, you want to find something truly special and memorable.

Let’s take a look at five of the best unicorn toys for 5 year old kids you can easily find on Amazon!

Our Top Picks

Celebrating a birthday, Christmas, special achievement, or gifting your kiddo a new unicorn toy just because are all super fun reasons to pick up an exciting, new toy!

We selected these five options based on a host of different criteria, including quality, popularity, how on-trend the given item is, price, reviews, and a host of other facets.

We believe each of these items to be viable, super fun toys that any five-year-old princess will adore!

Let’s take a closer look at each of our picks and decide which is the best fit for your unicorn loving little one! 

For the kids who love plushies, this adorable Wild Republic stuffed unicorn will be a massive hit.

Featuring a super cute, soft white base with a rainbow pastel mane, this toy is delightful and has a few hidden surprises that any little girl will adore.

When you stroke the pastel rainbow mane, this precious unicorn leaps into action and begins galloping, whinnying, and lighting up in an interactive mode that compliments playtime perfectly!

The cloth is surface washable and easily wipes clean, saving this toy from any of life’s many messes and increasing its longevity greatly.

This toy includes three AA batteries to ensure it can be played with right out of the box and has an easy to replace battery hatch to keep the fun going for many playtimes to come, too!

Great for sensory play, this toy has a ton of interactive features and is fantastic for any child, group of children, or classroom setting!

With a design similar to that of the classic, beloved Barbie toy franchise, this Bettina doll is a great addition to any doll loving little girl’s collection.

Princess Bettina looks gorgeous with her sparkling tiara, hot pink gown, and chandelier earrings and her accompanying unicorn pal is the perfect magical accessory to any ball or event.

The unicorn has a light-up horn and comes with a brush to keep its flowing mane well maintained and neat.

Additionally, the doll and unicorn both have movable, hinged legs and arms to allow intuitive play and make your little princess’s adventures with her new toy friends even more realistic!

You also get some bonus hair clips that can be worn by Bettina, the unicorn, or the kiddo themselves, which adds a little extra fun to the entire set!

This is a high quality, kid-tested and mom loved set that will certainly be a big winner at any birthday party or event!

From the ultra-popular and trendy LOL Surprise Dolls, this super unique toy combines blind box surprise style toys that were popularized by Japanese vendors and adorable dolls to create one super fun line of unicorn-themed toys.

Each LOL Surprise Doll ball comes with seven unique surprises, including a secret message, one unicorn LOL Doll, some stickers, an outfit, a pair of shoes, and a bottle.

All of these accessories can then be traded or mix and matched to create the perfect sassy little doll that your child can play with around her friends!

Since these are collectible, you could even do multiple LOL Surprise Doll balls in a gift set or one along with some of the brand’s other products which include bath bombs, lip glosses, and other little girl products that any kid will feel super cool getting! 

Another super popular toy right now, the Poopsie Surprise Glitter Unicorn has a ton of features and includes over twenty different surprises in its gift box style packaging, allowing your kiddo to keep unwrapping more and more amazing gifts.

This exciting set includes one random purple or pink unicorn doll with sparkle details and flowing hair and a host of extras including a bottle, glitter keychain, doll t-shirt, doll diaper, potty, four slime packets, four unicorn magic packets, four unicorn shimmer packets, one unicorn glitter packet, a hairbrush, and a measuring cup.

The magic of this line of toys is that you actually feed the unicorn the slime mix per the instructions and shake the doll, which then produces slime that can be customized with the glitter, shimmer, and magic packets!

This is one of the hottest toys on the market right now and comes in a ton of different themes, making it a great collectible item, too!

If you have kids, you have probably heard of the 5 Surprise Little Brands products.

This line mimics popular grocery, household, and beauty items in tiny form, making a massively popular and collectible set of toys perfect for display or use in dollhouses and other pretend play settings.

The brand also has several other lines of 5 surprise sets, including this adorable unicorn-themed kit.

This listing includes two of the capsule balls, which each contain five different unicorn surprises.

Each comes with a super cute unicorn and has four other surprises, including stickers, clothes for the unicorn doll, accessories, and unicorn poop themed slime packets.

Your kiddo can collect, trade, and mix and match the dolls and since there are thirteen different unicorns and tons of accessories and additional surprises, the fun just doesn’t stop!

The Magic of Gifting

These super cute unicorn toys are all perfect for your 5 year old princess.

Whether you are gifting for a birthday, Christmas, special achievement, or just because, these toys will delight your little one and make for hours and hours of imaginative, super fun play! 

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