Adorable Bonnie Jean Unicorn Dress Options

Bonnie Jean Unicorn Dress

As a leading boutique brand providing some of the cutest clothing imaginable for little ones, Bonnie Jean has become an absolute powerhouse in the mid-range children’s clothing market.

Its highly sought out pieces are so popular that they practically fly off of the shelves, especially their dresses.

If your little one loves all things feminine and cute or you need a dress for a special event, chances are Bonnie Jean has something perfect.

Let’s take a look at five super cute Bonnie Jean unicorn dress options your kiddo will adore!

Our Top Pick of Bonnie Jean Unicorn Dresses

These five dresses are just a few of Bonnie Jean’s impressive unicorn inventory.

We picked these five for a host of different reasons, including quality, size range, appeal, customer reviews, and price.

There are, of course, tons of other amazing designs, but we believe these five to be a great representation of the fantastic products in the Bonnie Jean catalog that most little ones will love wearing.

Let’s take a closer look at each and figure out which best suits your little one!

If you are looking for something pretty, pastel, and simple, this Rainbow Tutu Unicorn Dress is a perfect fit that is easy to style and supremely comfortable. Made of 100% polyester, this soft dress is great for more active children who are always on the go. The fluffy, bright tutu is sweet and soft, making it perfect for photos. Plus, the addition of the stitched unicorn and three-dimensional flower accents is perfect and really brings the entire look together in a super fun, non-traditional way that adds interest and appeal to the overall look!


The flutter sleeve dress is a pull-over, making changes a breeze, which is definitely optimal when dealing with younger children and their notoriously messy tendencies. Sequins and silver glitter lace trim make this dress even more fun, creating the perfect finished look that is great for layering or wearing as is. It is casual enough for everyday wear but also perfect as a party or event look, making it quite the universal piece and definitely worth the slight price investment. Plus, it is available all the way from newborn sizes to six years of age, making it great for sibling matching looks, too!

Available in sizes ranging from 6-9 months all the way to a 6x, this seersucker dress is sweet and has a sort of vintage flair that is absolutely precious on kids of all ages. Made of 100% cotton, the super cute pick dress is patterned with blue checks to give it a subtle accent on the unicorn decal area, creating a little pop of slight color interest. The ruffled and frilled neckline adds a little extra fun to this tea-length dress and is perfectly complemented by the ricrac trim and flower appliques. Like a perfect summer dress, this cute little seersucker number is great when paired with a sun hat and little sandals, creating the perfect throwback summertime look. One caveat is that is must be hand washed or machine washed on cold with no bleach and a gentle detergent since the material is a little more delicate but this is not a problem if you take caution and ensure proper washing efforts are made.

Designed for older kids, this super cute cooler weather dress fits sizes ranging from 12 months to big kids size 4. Due to this, it has a bit of a more sophisticated overall design, catering to the kids who have a bit more of an opinion on their clothing. The soft pink and grey color combination is adorable and understated, making this an easy look to accessorize. The champagne and soft toned unicorn decal and simple tulle sparkle skirt mesh together perfectly and are complemented by the addition of a glittering golden waistband to tie the whole look together. Made of 100% cotton and manufactured in the USA, this dress is high-quality, durable, and perfect for the unicorn lover in your life!

If you want something for cooler weather or a holiday outfit, this super cute long-sleeved tutu dress is a great option that is still super fun while providing a little extra warmth. The burgundy red top is super festive and bold when paired with the matching accent colors on the otherwise softer, more muted glitter tutu, creating a super fun and grownup look that is juxtaposed perfectly with the three-dimensional, super fun floral adorned unicorn decal. The stitched hem on the sleeves and neckline is a nice touch that showcases the quality and care that is put into each tiny detail of Bonnie Jean’s designs, too. Available from newborn to size 6x in big kids, this dress is another inclusively sized option that is perfect for any fall or warmer winter event!

If you want something a little extra for this Independence Day, this Bonnie Jean Girl’s 4th of July dress will definitely do the trick. Featuring a bold, bright, and patriotic red, white, and blue star-spangled tutu skirt and super cute unicorn face tank top upper half, this dress is super fun and really channels the fireworks and colors of the 4th of July. Small details like a matching bow on the unicorn and sequins on the horn add a little extra flair, too, making for the perfect Americana themed piece for any BBQ or event! Plus, you can find it in sizes ranging from 2T to a big kid’s 6, making it a great option for the older kids who want to show their patriotic spirit!

Bonnie Jean Unicorn Dresses for Every Event

As a whole, Bonnie Jean produces a lot of themed and holiday-appropriate items that are massive hits with kiddos and adults alike due to their cute designs and comfortable material choices. Regardless of which you pick, any of these fabulous Bonnie Jean dresses will be a welcome addition to your kiddo’s closet.

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