5 Super Cool Unicorn Beds for Kids

5 Super Cool Unicorn Beds for Kids

When giving your kiddo the option to decorate their room however they please, you may be surprised at the themes and items they select.

For little girls, one of the most popular picks is a princess or unicorn theme.

Finding bedding to match this style of the room is quite easy, as there are hundreds of different options available through Amazon alone.

Finding a unicorn bed is a bit harder, though, as the pickings are rather slim and most do not ship to the US for one reason or another.

Fortunately, you do have a few options aside from the cute DIY project versions if you want to purchase a premade unicorn bed.

Let’s take a look at five super cool unicorn beds for kids and find something magical for your kid’s room!

Our Top Picks

Finding bed options was a bit tricky since many have shipping restrictions due to weight or other factors and are manufactured outside of the United States.

A lot of other products have been discontinued or were limited run products that sold out.

Still, we found five amazing options that will suit any child’s unicorn-themed room amazingly.

These five were selected due to their availability, price, quality, and overall design.

Let’s take a closer look at each at figure out which best suits your kiddo’s new unicorn room.

As part of their Feminine line, this Ambesonne headboard is a great option if you already have a bed and simply want to customize it to fit the room’s theme.

The soft, upholstered piece is great for any twin size bed that allows for headboard attachment and features a black metal stand and bed rail slots along with Visco padding that is thick and protective in nature.

The print is bright, cheery, and fun, featuring a leaping unicorn, a rainbow, and a text blurb that reads, “Just Believe in Your Dreams” in pretty, pastel pink and yellow lettering.

The brand claims this product is very durable and will last for years due to the high-quality printing and construction.

They also note that it is perfect for a wide range of sleep situations, including children’s rooms, guest rooms, and master bedrooms due to its bright, fun design.

If you like the construction, you can choose between forty other unique designs, as well, for the other bedrooms in your home, too!

Sold by trusted retailer Nieman Marcus, this headboard is a bit less intense and offers a softer unicorn design that is very pretty and compliments the overall decor of the room while still being a statement piece and focal point for the entire design plan.

This headboard allows you to have your child’s name printed on it, customizing it, and adding a special, personal touch to the finished product that feels and looks high end and will certainly delight any kiddo.

Unfortunately, this product does sell out often since it is so popular so be sure to check with customer service for potential restocks or back-ordering of stock not listed on the site.

Some stores do not list smaller quantities due to technical issues possibly cropping up so there is no harm in checking in for quotes on pricing and other information!

If you are going for a more magical unicorn princess theme, this headboard would look great as a central piece.

The upholstered panel design features what appears to be part of a princess ballroom or chamber, complete with a chandelier and Grecian style columns.

The overall effect is cast in pink, gold, and cream, creating a warm, inviting design that will compliment any unicorn princess themed room.

While not directly unicorn printed, this headboard will fit right in and add a little bit of contrast to the finished room design to prevent unicorn overkill, if there is such a thing, while also offering the opportunity and ability to switch up the design more easily if your child wants to move from unicorns to royalty, mermaids, fairies, or other fairy tale themed design styles, giving the overall product versatility and range in decorating applications.

Another piece that is less in your face but a little more interesting and directly unicorn themed, this headboard features the super popular and trendy eyelash unicorn print with a flower crown and glitter accented horn.

The pop of color on the crown looks gorgeous against the black and white background and adds to the accent of the golden glitter horn, creating a very cute and polished overall design that works for younger and older kids alike.

The pretty, cursive text reads, “cute princess”, and looks three dimensional, adding depth and interest to the final product.

The brand notes that the headboard is dyed with high quality, rich pigments to give the finished product a luxe level of quality and durability that will prevent fading, cracking, or other damages to the printed area.

The upholstery is quite nice, as well, allowing years of use. 

If you want to go full unicorn and all in on a very bright, funky niche bed, this Jojo Siwa backed Delta Children Twin Bed is the way to go.

Featuring a hot pink base accented with a rainbow, unicorn head, and Jojo’s signature bows and name, this super cute piece will work perfectly in any bold, exciting room design.

If your kid adores Jojo, she will be delighted to have this amazing piece of furniture with her idol’s designs on it in her room!

You can also pick up this bed set with a mattress included for a bit more, but the overall cost of this product is very affordable, making it great as a big kid bed for transitioning and for younger kids.

Plus, with a weight limit of more than three hundred pounds, it can totally hold up to late-night mommy cuddles and any super fun sleepovers! 

Bedtime Magic

Whether you want something bright and bold or a little more lowkey, there is an option out there for you.

Its just a matter of finding a design that suits your child’s tastes! Good luck!

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