5 Ideas to Help You Nail Your Little One’s Unicorn Party Attire

Unicorn Party Attire

Five Ideas to Help You Nail Your Little One’s Unicorn Party Attire

So, your little one has been invited to an all-out, magical unicorn party. How fun! They’re going to have an absolute blast celebrating with all of their friends.

There’s nothing more exciting for a little one than cake and playtime, it seems.

Let’s take a look at five outfit ideas that will help you nail your little one’s unicorn party attire!

Our Top Picks

These five outfits are super cute and perfect for any unicorn themed event.

While not as flashy as a birthday girl outfit, these outfits are all precious in their own right and will fit your host’s theme perfectly and look absolutely adorable in photos from the event.

These pieces were selected in combination due to their high quality, low price, features, and customer reviews, among other facets of their design.

Let’s take a look at each and explore what might make them the perfect outfit for your little one’s next magical unicorn event!

If your little one likes all things glitz and glam, this floral top and glitter shorts outfit will be the perfect ensemble for their next unicorn party!

The adorable, ultra-trendy eyelash unicorn print on the shirt is complemented by the super glittery shorts.

Perfect for active kiddos who are not fans of dresses and would rather be running and playing, this adorable outfit is comfortable, soft, and easy to move around in, making it especially perfect for play place parties or days at the park.

Even better, the outfit can easily be broken apart to be worn as separates due to the general individual nature of the pieces that are included.

This makes the wearability of this outfit dramatically increase since the shorts can be worn with different tops and the shirt can be easily layered for seasonal wearing!

Plus, this outfit is available from sizes 2T to a big kid’s size 8, making it possible to fit siblings into the same outfit very easily!

Designed for ages four to thirteen, this unicorn dress caters to the big kid unicorn lovers.

Perfect for a sweet matching family photo op or for any magical party, this adorable sleeveless dress is comfortable, soft, and very versatile for multiuse wear.

There are also several other prints available, including one additional unicorn option that features donuts and other pastries.

There are also other themes including sharks and dinosaurs available, allowing your little one to choose between different options if they like the fit of this dress.

Sizing can be a bit tricky, per the reviews, so be sure to check your child’s measurements against the sizing data to ensure a good fit.

This is designed to suit children in quite a large age range so it is good to make sure you are not sizing up or down when you do not need to.

While not a whole outfit, the options for styling these shorts make them definitely worth considering.

These shorts are super comfortable and stretchy.

They are actually designed for workouts or gymnastics, meaning they have to be comfortable to support such physical endeavors.

Aside from that, they are adorable and eye-catching without being over the top, allowing you to dress them up or down as much as you would like.

These actually come in two different unicorn prints, one featuring a more pastel design and the other being more neon and bold.

Either way, these shorts are adorable and make for an easy unicorn party outfit that your little one can wear again and again even after the festivities have ended! 

If you love a classic tunic style top and leggings combo, this listing will be your new favorite!

Featuring not one but five different styles of unicorn tunic and legging outfits, this Herimmy set is absolutely adorable regardless of which you settle on.

Whether your little one falls in love with the light blue sleepy unicorn print, one of the darker neon splashed styles, or the classic pink version, they will be comfortable and adorable in any of these super fun outfits!

Available from 2T to a big kid’s size 9, these outfits are great for siblings or if your little one really loves the style since you can always size up as she grows.

No matter the occasion, this super comfy, cute outfit is definitely work taking a look at, especially if you want something that can be worn again and again.

Plus, all of the variations are incredibly affordable and very well made!

Another option that is not a full outfit but can easily be styled with items already in your little one’s closet, this very trendy flip sequin unicorn tee from HH Family is absolutely precious and super interesting.

The sequin flip style of clothing and toys has been very trendy lately with just about everything you can imagine including facets designed with such a style, from throw pillows to shoes.

This HH Family tee is no exclusion, featuring a bold, brightly colored, and ultra-shiny sequin flip panel on the front that can be flipped over to reveal two different unicorn designs.

There are actual several different variations available, including both short and long sleeve options and motifs with unicorn heads and full body unicorns, so your little one can really customize this product to suit their own preferences.

For the price, this adorable t-shirt cannot be beaten! 

Unicorn Party Attire For Your Little One

While your little one has a blast at their unicorn themed party, you can rest assured that they are comfortable and look adorable in any of these precious, super sweet unicorn outfits.

All of them are constructed of high-quality materials and with your child in mind.

Plus, the magical designs and overall extreme cuteness is absolutely stunning! You simply cannot go wrong!

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