5 Free Rainbow Unicorn Colouring Pages

Rainbow Unicorn Colouring Pages

5 Free Rainbow Unicorn Colouring Pages

Colouring is a great way to pass time and provides the skills and fine motor control your child needs to learn to write neatly while giving them an outlet to be creative and interact with their world due to the sensory aspects of the activity.

Plus, it is just fun!

What better place to add a little unicorn magic than in an activity that allows creativity and imagination?

Let’s take a look at five free sites where you can find rainbow unicorn colouring pages!

Our Top Picks

There are dozens of different sites that work to provide unicorn colouring pages. All of these sites have unique, interesting designs so choosing just a few to sample here was a tough decision.

We chose sites with a wide range of different colouring pages that were challenging enough in design for older children while still being fun for younger kiddos, too.

All of these sites are free and do not require any credit card information or payment to access the colouring pages, making for a fantastic, no-cost way to spend an afternoon together as a family!

Let’s take a closer look at the sites and see which has the best colouring sheets to help your little ones get creative!

Super Coloring is a site that offers a comprehensive selection of different themed colouring sheets in a wide range of different subjects.

From monsters and popular television characters to butterflies and houses, you can find just about anything on this super fun website.

In total, they currently, at the time of this article, have designs that include full body unicorns, unicorn heads, popular cartoon unicorns like Princess Luna from My Little Pony and Pusheen as a cat and unicorn hybrid, and tons of other designs.

There is something for everyone on this site, as they make an effort to be as inclusive as possible, creating designs in varying complexity and interest level to suit a wide range of motor skills and age brackets.

This means you can find something for your older kids and younger kids all in one place, saving you time and allowing your kids to easily choose their own unique colouring sheets!

Officially titled Michael O’Mara Books, this website was designed to be dedicated to the publishing work of Michael O’Mara and his wife, who has worked in the book publishing industry since the 1980s.

What started as a couple doing what they love has grown into a successful venture, with the O’Maras having a backlog of thousands of books awaiting publishing at any given moment.

Out of kindness, the duo released a selection of colouring pages from their I Heart Unicorns mini colouring book for free on their website.

These high-quality printable colouring pages are adorable, featuring tons of interesting patterns, designs, and themes.

From a unicorn birthday cake to a super cute unicorn bust, you can find a lot of different styles to suit different tastes and skill levels, making this a great option all around!

Plus, if your little ones enjoy it, you can absolutely pick up the I Heart Unicorns colouring book and support the O’Mara’s continued growth and impressive publishing ventures!

Another collaborative site, Get Coloring Pages complies a ton of different themed pages on their site to give a wide range of options to suit a ton of different interests and skill levels.

From cute puppies to zoo animals, you can find just about anything on this comprehensive website, including a ton of unique unicorn designs!

From full scenes with backgrounds to keep older kids busy to more simple, cute unicorn designs for little unicorn lovers, there is something for everyone on this site.

They even have designs featuring My Little Pony characters and other popular, recognizable television and media icons, so your kiddo might feel extra drawn to this site by default.

Regardless, there are so many unique designs and it is definitely worth checking out this super fun, free site!

With similar designs to a lot of other sites, it might be easy to overlook Just Color Kids but there are some real gems that make this free site worth checking out!

Featuring a super cute mandala style unicorn print, several boho designs, and tons of full-body unicorn images with patterning, this site is great for specifically older kids who want something a little more challenging to colour.

All of the pages actually lean towards an older target audience, for the most part, which is great since so many designs with unicorns are a bit childish.

If your big kids want to get in on the unicorn fun, this site is definitely worth checking out, especially if they are into adult colouring book stylized pages, as the boho pieces and mandala unicorn closely mimic this art style. 

With one hundred unique unicorn designs, this site is truly something special.

Print Color Fun seeks to provide original colouring sheets with their own art on them, allowing the brand to market themselves to someone looking for something a little more unique and fresh.

All of the prints are high quality and super cute, catering to younger and older kids alike with very comprehensive and inclusive difficulty levels.

Additionally, they have added some images including things like guitars and other fun extras that are not traditionally added to unicorn imagery, making for an interesting and super fun colouring experience!

This is definitely a site worth checking out if your kiddo is unicorn obsessed and in an artistic mood!

Creative Magic

You do not have to rush out and buy colouring books to support your kiddo getting creative!

With the help of these super fun and free sites, your little one can enjoy colouring anything they could want with just the click of a button and a valid printer and internet connection.

Let them comb through their options and choose a few to work on; the results will be super gorgeous! 

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