Five Amazing Unicorn Decals for Bedroom and Home Decorating

Unicorn Decals For Bedroom

Five Amazing Unicorn Decals for Bedroom and Home Decorating

Finding the perfect decor for a room can be a little tricky, especially if you cannot hang up photos or otherwise damage the walls.

Bare walls can leave a room feeling empty or otherwise unfinished which can put a major damper on the rest of your decorating efforts.

Fortunately, you can still add a little magic to your walls with the help of some amazing unicorn decals for bedroom and home decorating needs!

Let’s explore five of the cutest options you can find right now and see which best suits your decor preferences!

Our Top Picks

We have selected these five different unicorn decal products on a host of different criteria facets, including price, quality, customer reviews, design, and overall appeal, among other things.

We believe all five of these options are of high quality and will suit a wide range of unicorn-themed rooms.

Let’s take a look at each of our picks and see which best fits your unique decorating style and vision!

If you are looking for something to really make a statement and have a big impact, this Biaray 66 Piece Unicorn Wall Sticker Set will definitely do the trick.

Featuring a ton of individual pieces you can mix and match to suit your preference, this kit gives you an entire world of creativity and options right at your fingertips.

You can design an accent wall with all of the pieces or spread them around the room to tie everything together.

These high-quality vinyl pieces will not damage your walls and are completely safe, non-toxic, and odor-free, making them good for use in nurseries and other rooms where small children will play and sleep.

The brand also notes that all of the pieces are shipped wrapped in durable, protective foam to prevent creasing and damage and ensure that all of the pieces can stick to the wall without any non-essential effort. 

There is something so cool and fun about glow in the dark decor.

It captures the imagination and makes the entire room feel cool and futuristic.

These MAFOX Glow in the Dark Stars include several adorable unicorn additions that really create a super interesting effect.

By day, they are unassuming, precious unicorn decals that look great and complement the rest of the room’s unicorn decor pieces but once the lights are off, they glow brightly and look absolutely stunning!

Your kid will love having these magical little glowing pieces on their walls.

Plus, some reviewers actually claim they have helped their children feel less afraid at bedtime and worked to help make the transition to sleeping alone in a big kid bed easier, too.

As most parents know, this can be a tricky process if your little one is afraid and anything that can make it easier and more comfortable for your kiddo is certainly welcome!

These stickers are designed to be easy to remove and apply without damaging paint or wallpaper and are rental friendly, making them perfect for most living situations, including apartments and townhouses.

For something a little more personal, this adorable Unicorn Name and Initial Custom Wall Sticker from Decor Designs Decals is a perfect option.

Featuring an adorable, minimalistic full body unicorn design and the first letter of your child’s name accompanied by a cursive print of their full name, this sweet personalizable piece will make a great focal point for any nursery, playroom, or other space.

You can even do last names to suit twins or areas with multiple children!

Like the others listed here, this piece is designed with your children’s’ safety in mind.

The adhesive on the decal is non-toxic and odor-free and the vinyl used to create the design is high quality and safe.

Additionally, it is guaranteed not to damage any walls or surfaces where the design is attached, making it a great way to personalize your rental space! 

As one of the most trusted and well-recognized names in wall decor and decals, RoomMates produces tons of different super fun and easy to style designs for a wide variety of different niche interests and styles. 

This, of course, includes unicorns. This super cute Unicorn Magic Peel and Stick Decal set includes five different colored fully body unicorns and some extras like clouds and rainbows to help you complete the scene. 

This set is super colorful and muted enough to suit a wide range of decor themes and color schemes without clashing or contrasting with the rest of the decor in the space. 

The decals can be affixed to most surfaces and are actually good for situations where you may want to remove and reposition them, as they will remain sticky and not leave any residue behind or damage the wall in any way.

If you want something more understated but still very much a wow-factor focal piece, this super cute glitter Unicorn Wall Decal set from Accmor is a great option that brings a lot of sass and class to any room!

The design features the super trendy and cute eyelash unicorn design as the focal decal with tons of gold, glittery hearts to accompany the main piece.

This simple design provides a lot of aesthetic impacts and is perfect for nurseries, playrooms, kids bedrooms, and spaces for older children, as it does not appear too young or too old by default.

Made of high-quality PVC, this set is easy to apply to any smooth surface and can be removed without worrying about potentially damaging the walls or leaving residue behind.

All in all, this is a great universal piece that will suit a ton of different styles and ages, making it especially good if you have multiple children who share a space.

Magical Decor

All of these adorable, super fun unicorn wall decals would be perfect for your nursery or other space.

Since they do not damage the walls when applied, you can use them in rental spaces or areas where you may one day wish to switch up the decor.

Think of it as a mural without the commitment of permanent paint! You cannot go wrong with any of these absolutely magical designs! 

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