5 Amazing Amazon Unicorn Bags

Amazon Unicorn Bags

5 Amazing Amazon Unicorn Bags

Unicorns are beloved across all age brackets due to their innocent whimsy and fun, mythical attributes.

The gorgeous creatures are featured on clothing, accessories, and decor pieces for adults and kids alike, suiting a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Let’s explore some of the cutest Amazon unicorn bags you can pick up to add a little extra magic to your everyday life or to gift something extra special to a loved one!


Our Top Picks

These five unicorn bags from Amazon were chosen due to their quality, features, reviews, price, and a host of other facets, including their overall value.

We believe these to be some of the best of the best options you can pick up and think they would make a great addition to any closet or wardrobe.

Some do lean towards a younger audience but fashion rules are meant to be broken so if it calls to you, get it! What’s more fun than a unicorn, after all?

Let’s take a closer look at our five picks and see which suits you!

If glitter is your thing, then this is the bag for you.

Featuring an all-over no-shed glitter coating and the ultra-trendy eyelash unicorn print, this bag is bold and super fun while still easy to style as an accent piece.

This piece is available in a wide range of colors, suiting those who love rainbows and flip sequins just as well as those who prefer black or neutral tones.

You can find a bag for anyone in this line, especially if they like longer straps or shoulder bags.

The accompanying golden chain strap is a nice touch that makes this piece look a bit higher-end than it actually is, too, helping transition this into a fun accent piece for adults, too.

If you are into all things glitz and glam, this piece is an absolute must-have! 

If you are hoping to find something a little more noticeably unicorn-themed that is still easy to style, this adorable HDE 3D glitter bag will likely be a good fit for you.

This piece is designed as a super cute, fully shaped unicorn head that is definitely eye-catching and fun!

Any little girl would be delighted to carry this ultra-cute bag. Plus, it holds quite a bit, meaning they can bring along any trinkets or essentials they may need.

It is available in three color schemes, pink, purple, and silver, all of which are created with complementary highlight and depth producing colors.

This sparkly bag makes for the perfect addition to any child or adult accessory arsenal and is completed with a perfectly sparkly glitter strap in a hue that matches the rest of the design, creating the perfect magical bag to carry about day to day or for special occasions!

If you are looking for a unicorn gift, why not go all out?

This 8 Piece Unicorn Gift for Girls from Hevout is a fantastic option that includes not only a backpack and clutch, but also tons of accessories and additions that make it perfect for a really amazing, wow-factor gift.

In this set, you get an entire collection of items including 1 pendant necklace, 1 charm bracelet,1 drawstring backpack, 1 unicorn keychain, 1 coin purse, 5 unicorn patterned hair ties, 5 unicorn print slap bracelet, and six sticker sheets jam-packed with super fun unicorn print stickers!

All of this ties together to make one seriously awesome gift or self-care package if you want it for yourself.

With all of the super cute features, you seriously cannot go wrong with this set.

It is certain to really wow any little girl and will definitely be a highlight they will cherish for years to come!

Plus, it is super trendily styled and will totally earn them some cool points with their friends, too!

An option that really suits older unicorn lovers but is still suitable and great for kiddos, this Crest Designs bag is a sophisticated, classic take on unicorn accessorizing that will make for a perfect gift for anyone who loves adding a little bit of magic to their everyday life.

The lightweight bag features a stunning watercolor unicorn print and has tons of storage space, including zippered pockets.

Since it is meant for adult use, the construction is actually quite nice, too.

Perhaps the best thing about this bag is that it comes in a ton of alternate prints, making it a perfect gift for multi-child or multi-honoree events, as you can select bags for everyone who is to receive a gift in their own personal taste!

If you want a foolproof option, this is definitely the way to go!

You just might even find a couple of prints you cannot live without, too.

Designed for kids but definitely cute enough for grown-ups, too, this adorable canvas clutch is printed with an all-over chubby unicorn design that is absolutely precious.

The simple design is easy to style and the chain strap adds a touch of high-end flair to this very affordable bag.

You can also find this purse in a ton of other prints, including some basic hues that actually somewhat mimic the designs of some classic Chanel bags.

If you need a good gift or something fun for a night out, this bag will likely be a total winner!

Taking The Magic With You

These super adorable bags are a fun, easy way to always have a little bit of unicorn magic with you.

Whether you are shopping for someone young or young at heart, these bags are functional and sweet, making for a perfect unicorn gift that any recipient will absolutely adore.

Plus, since many of them come in other styles and colors, you just might find something extra for yourself, too.

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