5 Adorable Unicorn Birthday Party Shirts

Unicorn Birthday Party Shirts

5 Adorable Unicorn Birthday Party Shirts

When planning any unicorn birthday party, chances are you have at least considered what adorable outfit your little one is going to wear.

With so many different amazing options, it can be a bit hard to choose just one birthday party shirt!

Let’s explore some of your options and take a look at five of the most adorable unicorn birthday party shirts you can grab right now on Amazon!

Our Top Picks

These super cute birthday shirts are perfect for creating a laid back birthday outfit for your active, bubbly child to play and romp about in.

We selected these five options due to their quality, appeal, sizing, design, and overall customer reviews, among other factors.

Each is magical in its own way and features unicorns prominently to tie into your child’s party perfectly!

Let’s explore each pick and figure out which best suits your child’s party color scheme and preferences!

Just because your kiddo wants a white unicorn tee doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

This super sweet Kirei Sui shirt is incredibly comfortable and easy to style but still has some flair thanks to the fun print and amazing flutter sleeves.

Featuring the ever-popular and on-trend eyelash unicorn style print, this adorable top is fun, bold, and sassy, characterizing a super cute style that is easily paired with any accessories or outfit pieces.

The flutter sleeves are big, bold, and eye-catching, allowing you to create an interesting outfit even if your child does not want to wear a dress or one of the more intense options available.

Sizing options are available for children ages one all the way to the age of nine, making this a very inclusive product that works for a wide range of ages and preferences.

There are even some long sleeve options that include flutter sleeves and warm longer arm coverings, making this a great product regardless of the season your child is having their party, too!

This sporty styled top is absolutely precious and will look adorable for your little one’s big day.

Featuring a full-body, super cute unicorn print, this pink raglan tee is easy to pair with any pants or skirt and suits a wide range of unicorn parties.

The brand created this shirt with comfort in mind and opted for a breathable, ultra-soft poly-cotton blend material and fade-proof ink for the printing to ensure your child remains comfortable through their entire event without worries of wear or damage happening even if they engage in rougher play.

The brand notes that this shirt will still feel incredibly soft and look brand new with no cracking or chipping on the design even after multiple washes, making this a great choice if you are hoping to do a photoshoot before or after the party or if you have multiple birthday events to attend and may need a quick freshen up in between.

This is a solid, durable option that is equally cute and functional!

If you are looking for something your little one can wear even after their birthday party is over that still fits the magical unicorn birthday theme, this HH Family shirt just might be the perfect fit!

Featuring an adorable sequin unicorn print, this top is precious and will definitely work perfectly as a birthday top that can be easily transitioned to everyday wear.

Your little one will feel super cute and comfortable in this soft, cotton and elastane blend top that is lightweight and stretchy, allowing free movement.

There are several prints available, with and without glitter coatings, allowing you to choose a top that best suits the theme.

There are even two with the super cute eyelash unicorn theme printing if your little one has her heart set on such a design!

For the price, you cannot beat this adorable, reusable and easy to wear design! 

For those seeking out a shirt that can be personalized, this NanyCrafts’ Top is a fantastic option.

Featuring super cute gold print and the option to add your child’s full name to the piece, this top is a custom dream that suits any birthday girl perfectly!

You can choose between three different base shirt colors in either grey, black, or white and add any text you wish.

This text will be printed in gold and accompanied by a glittery eyelash unicorn print, playing into multiple trends at once in a classy and super cute way!

Since this top does not actually say the word “birthday” on it, it can easily be reused in everyday outfits, making it a good investment piece that will not go to waste after one use.

All in all, this is a fantastic shirt that will look super cute in your little one’s birthday photos!

Another super cute, easy to style option, this basic white tee is perfect if you want something simple.

The golden glitter, full-body unicorn print is accompanied by your child’s age to create a super cute, complete design.

You can choose between numerical values for the age; above we have linked the one designed specifically for four-year-olds for your reference but you can simply click on the shop name to choose other age values and view the brand’s other designs.

For the price, this simple piece is almost too cute to pass up!

Dress Up Magic

Regardless of which you settle on, all five of these shirts are super cute and suit a magical unicorn birthday party perfectly.

Your little princess will be delighted to prance about in their adorable new top and will look super precious in photos, creating a perfect memory moment.

Whether you want something simple or eyecatching and over the top, there is a birthday unicorn outfit for your kiddo out there; do your research and you will certainly find something perfect!

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